Lash Done

Who doesn’t love fluttering eyelashes? A luscious swap and a total buzz amongst people, where you are the talk of the town. A single swipe of mascara wand and you don’t have anything else to do. There are numerous benefits of getting an eyelash lift done. 

Here are the top reasons to get it done.

  • Enhance Natural Lash - The eyelash lift is great for the natural eyelash. It is done using a combination of silicon rods and high-grade solutions that lifts the natural eyelash into the desired style that looks better than an eyelash extension. There won’t be any need to add anything to the lashes and it would naturally look amazing.
  • Works for short lashes - Women often believe that it is only suitable for long an eyelash which is not true. Lash lifting St Kilda works wonders for any length lash as there are small-sized apparatuses that are used to maximize the results with no length problems. The results are great when it is done by professionals and women should forget this misconception.
  • Different styles and appearances - Eyelash lifting can help women get the desired style they want such as curls, lifts, darker lashes, etc. When the lashes are natural, they might look straight or downward-facing which makes the dimension look stubby and short. When the eyelash lift is done, it gives it a curl and lifts which makes it appear longer and fuller. It can even look dark which is all a woman needs.
  • An alternative for eyelash extensions - Women can get a reaction from eyelash extension and it is difficult to upkeep the extensions. Eyelash lifting is the best solution for a woman who can handle it. It is not that costly to get it done and provides the natural feel required. It also has various other advantages such as lasting for the life of the lash growth cycle.
  • Aftercare comfort - There is not much aftercare required after eyelash lift. Here’s what needs to be done to make it look great for a longer period.
Steam, hot showers, excess warm water, and sauna need to be avoided for 24 hours at least. The steam can soften the lash and it won’t be able to last longer and adapt to the new shape. Avoid using shampoo, conditioner, makeup or makeup removers, creams, etc. These things need to be avoided for 24 hours after the lash lift.

Don’t rub the lash or touch it unnecessarily. Try to avoid sleeping facedown. It is the most difficult part of having a lash lift done.

  • Easy to maintain - It is easy to maintain the lash lift. It is difficult to find time for ourselves and trying to maintain a look can be hard. Eyelash lifting is a quick and easy way to look great with minimal aftercare. It requires us to visit there every 6-12 weeks which is easier compared to other solutions which require visiting a salon every other week.
  • Addictive - With so many benefits, lash lift has become really popular and highly addictive. It makes women look glorious and is easy to maintain. It is the best solution for the eyelash problem, whether long or short lashes. The results are great, easy to achieve, and last long which is really important. There are no reactions to it either. It doesn’t take much time and we don’t need to visit the salon often.
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