Prebuilt Gaming PC

The type of PC you use as a gamer is very important. Many gamers usually find it challenging to choose between a custom gaming PC and a prebuilt gaming PC. Both are good for gaming. Some of the seasoned PC gamers will suggest you to build your pc for gaming purposes. However, this has become challenging because hardware parts to build your custom PC has become costly. This has made gamers to shift to buying prebuilt gaming PC.

However, many gamers are not convinced why they should purchase an upgradeable prebuilt gaming computer. They still prefer spending a lot of cash in creating a custom gaming PC. If you are a gamer and you are still wondering why you should buy a prebuilt gaming PC. Then in this article, you will get to know all the reasons why.

Comes with a Warranty

Once you purchase a prebuilt gaming PC it comes with a warranty. The warranty is for all components of your gaming PC. If any of the components get damaged you can get another component if the warranty has not expired. For custom gaming PC there’s no warranty. Hence, when any part is damaged you will have to purchase a new replacement. Therefore, when you buy a prebuilt gaming PC you are guaranteed when you encounter any issues.


The price of your PC doesn’t matter but its performance does. However, this was a phenomenon used before. After the increase in hardware part used to construct gaming, PC price has become key. This is because of the increase in the price of GPU and RAM. Purchasing a prebuilt gaming PC is cheaper than a custom PC. When you compare the price of buying parts to build your PC is expensive than that of a prebuilt gaming PC.

High Performance

Be a beginner or seasoned gamer you require a PC whose performance is high. This makes your gaming experience enjoyable. A prebuilt gaming PC can run AAA games. The resolution is 1080 pixels while the frames per second are 60. This is much better for you as a gamer. If you consider building your gaming PC you may have issues with performance. To fine-tune your custom gaming PC to the desired performance will be costly and demanding.


Your gaming PC may have performance issues at one time. This is always traumatic. However, you can troubleshoot your system to repair it. However, you may find the issues recurring. This means that you will use a lot of time to maintain or optimize it to perform as you require. If you encounter such an issue with a prebuilt gaming PC you can return it for maintenance. Nevertheless, if you own a custom gaming PC maintenance can cost you much. This means you will even have problems during maintenance.

Suitable Components

Being a gamer, you require a PC whose components are well-suited to each other. You can only get this when you have a prebuilt gaming PC. The manufacturers assemble the best components that will aid your gaming experience. Once, you buy you only need to put the parts together and start playing your game.

When you build your gaming, PC is usually challenging to find suitable components. This will give you challenges when playing using your custom PC. This means all components should work appropriately to each other. Any miscalculation means that you will encounter issues.

Customer Support Service

Customer support service is very important for any PC gaming manufacturing company. This is because customers tend to inquire about issues at any time. This means the support service should be prompt. Therefore, when you buy a prebuilt gaming PC and you have any inquiry you will always get instant feedback when you contact them. Unlike when you have a custom gaming PC you are the one who built it and you don’t have anyone to ask if any issue arises.

Free Software and Hardware Components

Your prebuilt gaming PC will come installed windows 10 and a mouse and keyboard. They are all free. All drivers will be working properly and the hardware components will enhance your gaming time and experience. This is unlike if you decide to have a custom gaming PC. You need to purchase all hardware and software components for your gaming activity.


If you are not an expert in building a gaming PC don’t waste your time and energy trying. Just go for a prebuilt gaming PC. This PC is already made for you. Building your PC is usually tedious and requires a lot of time. Therefore, if you are still thinking about whether to buy a gaming PC. Stop. Just go buy a prebuilt gaming PC.


With the above reasons why you need to buy a prebuilt gaming PC. You don’t need to worry about this issue anymore. If you are a beginner or a seasoned gamer such a PC is the best for you. You will have the best gaming experience ever.