Fishing Trip

Fishing is one of the most relaxing ways you can spend your spare time because it allows you to unplug from your daily sources of stress and listen to the calmness of the water while connecting with nature.

So, if you’re looking forward to your next Tulum fishing trip, here is everything you should bring along to make sure you catch enough fish and have fun at the same time.

The right fishing gear

Depending on the type of water you are fishing in, you need to consider the right tools. Keep in mind that fishing rods and reels that might be suitable for freshwater cannot be used in saltwater because they will corrode and break easily.

The basic fishing gear includes a best fish finder rod and reel, line, a tackle box, and the right type of bait. Organic bait might be a little more difficult to transport and use as you’ll need additional hooks, corks, sinkers, and an additional box for storing all of them.

You should also pick the fishing tools according to the type of fish you’re aiming to catch, the depth of the water, your fishing skills, and your style. If you’re a newbie looking to learn the basics of catching fish, a decent pocket fishing rod and some accessories will suffice for your first attempt.


Make sure you dress according to the fishing season and the average temperatures. Keep in mind that you will most likely catch fish early in the morning or at dawn, where temperatures are lower than during the day.

Therefore, you’ll require a pair of warm boots or fishing boots that are waterproof and will keep your feet cool and dry the entire day, as well as a pair of waders or fishing bottoms. Pack a warmer sweater or jacket and don’t forget about a hat if you plan on spending the entire day outside.

Long sleeves are preferred no matter how hot it is outside because they will protect your hands and arms from sunburns and insect bites. A raincoat or a hoodie will come in handy too if the weather gets rainy.

Personal items

If you plan a longer fishing trip you’ll also have to bring with you some personal items such as toiletries, medication, and even a small first aid kit. Apart from that, you’ll also want to pack a good insect repellant and sunscreen to protect your skin. Don’t forget about your fishing license and permits either, as well as a valid ID.

Food & beverages

Last but not least, make sure you pack some snacks and enough water to last you through the day. Additionally, you can also bring a cold beer to help you feel more relaxed and calmly wait for the fish to take a bite.

Sandwiches and some fresh fruits and veggies like carrots, cucumbers, and pepper sticks are perfect because they will keep you satiated and prevent dehydration also. You don’t want to bring any cooked meals or other perishables, especially during the summer fishing season.