Safe on Kimberley Cruises

Cruising is a great way to travel, and most cruises pass without incident. However, just like a holiday on land, there are some basic precautions that will help you to stay safe. So, here we’ll explore some top tips to help you stay safe on Kimberley Cruises.

Responsibly Drink Alcohol

Alcohol is often a contributing factor on land or in the water, so during Kimberley coast cruises, be sure to go easy on the alcohol. You need to be aware of your limits and also appreciate the effects of alcohol on dehydration. During Broome cruises, Kimberley weather conditions can get hot, and you may not realise how quickly you can succumb to dehydration.

Find a Friend

If your cruising solo, try to buddy up and find a friend. While a great tour guide will watch out for everyone, it helps to have someone else looking out for you. Travelling in a pair will mean that you not only have company on the excursions, but you can also have a friend, so you can keep an eye on each other.

Think Cabin Safety

Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or new to cruising, you need to familiarise yourself with your cabin to ensure that you are safe. Cabins can be a little snug, so be sure to keep everything organised to avoid trip hazards. Leaving shoes lying on the floor or hairdryer cords draped from the dressing table could mean that you end up tripping on your way to the bathroom at night.

Be Balcony Safe

If your cabin has a balcony, you also need to practice balcony safety. Don’t lean over the balcony, particularly when the boat is moving. Don’t leave clothing draped on your balcony rail and be sure to close the door when you’re not in your cabin. Even on a smaller cruise, you need to protect your belongings, so ensure that the cabin is secure when you are out on deck.

Use a Safe

As we touched on above, it is important to secure your belongings, so if your cabin is equipped with a safe, make sure that you use it. Most small safe models can fit cellphones, jewellery, tablets, or even a midsized laptop. Better yet, think carefully about what you want to bring with you on your cruise. Theft is not the only risk for your valuables; there is also that delightful sea breeze that may carry water particles and salt into your cabin.

Avoid Carrying Large Amounts of Cash

While there are lots of opportunities for shopping on Kimberley cruises, you should avoid carrying large amounts of cash. Just like on any holiday, tourists can be a prime target for pickpockets, so don’t carry more than you actually need. Most retailers accept major cards, so minimise your cash.

Pay Attention to Safety Details

Finally, be sure of any crew safety drills or details. The crew wants to make sure that you enjoy your cruise and remain safe, so if there is a drill, don’t mess with your cellphone or talk with your friends.

If you’re considering visiting the Kimberley, be sure to speak to Broome Kimberley and Beyond. Our team can guide you through the options for Kimberley cruises, including some great value cheap Kimberley cruises.

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