Thailand is a very popular Southeast Asian destination, and for good reason too. One can find almost anything under the sun here, and that too at an affordable price. Then there are the incredible attractions just waiting to be experienced. The trouble is to narrow down to the few sights which are worth a look, without wasting time and money on some of the inconsiderable ones.

Explore Bangkok


There are reasons galore that guarantee a trip to Bangkok an unforgettable one. Fascinating culture, great food and an amazing party scene draw backpackers and luxury travellers to this city in large numbers. Thai hospitality is famous around the world, so an incredible lodging scene awaits every visitor. Once you are settled, visit the Grand Palace, the temple of reclining Buddha and the evenings by Khao San Road. On the food front, hang out near Sukhumvit Soi 38 for the famous street food stalls. As the sun sets, the restaurants and clubs come alive till the wee hours of the morning.

Get lost in Phuket


The unique cultural diversity of Phuket ensures that visitors keep coming here year after year to experience that little extra which this place wants to deliver. Phuket is perfect for island hopping and to get a feel of some traditional Thai experiences- the warm welcome which comes at no extra cost.

Try your hand at cooking

Thai cuisine is said to be excellent, so learning the basics is something worthwhile to do in this country. These classes have market tours included which makes the whole experience really cool.

Venture out to Northern Thailand

After Bangkok has been done and dusted with, head to the northern part of the country to enjoy some outdoor action. Activities include white water rafting down the rivers in Chiang Mai or understanding the ever-popular Mae Hong Son Loop.

Dive into the underwater world.

Thailand is not only the best but one of the cheapest places in the world to take part in below the surface activities. Apart from exploring the rich marine wildlife, visitors have the option of scuba diving or going on liveaboard dives on the Similan Islands.

Get off the beaten path

Being an extremely diverse country, there is no end to what things you can do if you choose to do something different in Thailand. Sam Phan Bok, for example, is a natural formation of land, translating to three thousand holes, which fill the depressions as far as the river stretches. You will need your own transportation to reach there, so consider hiring a bike or a car. Don’t forget to make sure your vehicle has comprehensive car insurance to make your trip as smooth as possible.

 Go island hopping

Whether it is the Full Moon Party on Log Phangan which is on your mind or a trip to the Ang Thong Marine Park, a trip to Thailand is best enjoyed by spending time on places like the beaches of Phi Phi or Phuket, to name a few.

Being a leading travel hub, a majority of the visitors prefer flying into Bangkok and make the capital their base for doing the tourist circuit. The country is well connected through its network of airports operated by full-service airlines, with the flag carrier of the country being Thai Airways, which incidentally was named the best economy class airline in 2017. Emirates too, offers convenient flight connections to Bangkok with good onboard service, in all their classes whether it is economy, business or first. You can book Emirates air tickets in advance online to ensure you get the best value for your money.

Thailand has a bit of everything for everyone, in spite of the influx of millions of tourists year in and year out. Even today, there are large areas of the country still unexplored. So irrespective of if you wish to experience the rich heritage or just bask on the beaches and chill out, Thailand beckons you warmly like no other Southeast Asian destination.