The Most Luxury Car Dense Area in the World:

Which area in the world has the most number of luxury and expensive cars and why? It is Dubai. Let us just take a look at the “WHY?”

All over the world, the lust for exotic cars has increased exponentially. There are quite a few social factors as to why there are more beautiful, and exotic cars in the world today than at any time in the past. A huge number of opening up of sports car rentals in Dubai is a sign of where things have gone in recent times. The demand for such cars is at an all-time high. We will take a look at this down the article. Bear with me!

The answer is simple. People know more about the world than they knew in the 80s and before that. In the 80s, fast and sports cars, anywhere around the world were bought by people who knew about cars. In short, they were car enthusiast and gearheads inside out. Back then to get your hands on sports cars material was not easy.

There was no internet, for starters. Television was not as common as it is now if we go back farther down the memory lane in the 70s and the 60s. So what were the youth and high earning individuals fantasizing about back then? Not sports cars for sure but this is a question that requires another article. Anyways!

Dubai is the most exotic car dense area in the world, bar none. No matter what time you go out, in the morning, the scorching hot noontime or the rather cooler evenings, you are going to see sports cars, hypercars and luxury cars. Driving around on a busy boulevard and you will see these cars parked on your left and right.

If you have a Convertible Rolls Royce, you will not be alone and awkward. There are much bigger flaunters all around. Germans cars are much more common to be seen in Dubai. Mercedes Benz and BMWs are sold the most according to experts. You can sell any car in Dubai pretty easily because of how popular autos are in the area.

But what is astonishing to see is that Dubai has cars from all over the world. There are Japanese makes, Germans, Italians and it is so impressive to see. Part of the reason is that Dubai hosts and houses people from all over the world. The vibrant and rich diaspora makes it obvious since people in Dubai are from everywhere; they bring their car choices along.

You can even see Japanese Nissans Skylines and GTRs with beast-like mods fit into them. And for any car real car enthusiast reading this, they know how great it is to see a Japanese marvel in the chaos of European car stampede since they are the best in the world. Truly Matchless engineering!

Sports cars can be really cheap in Dubai! How?

really cheap in Dubai

They depreciate really quickly. A Porsche bought for Dh 400,000 will lose about 40% to 50% of its price in about 2 years. So buying a car that is 2 years old is a viable option. High-end brands continue their car models for about 6 year’s minimum. The Lamborghini Aventador was launched in 2011 and now it is an 8-year-old model. It was launched to succeed the Mucilage which went on sale for a decade. So it’s not like if you buy a 2 year old model it will be sneered at. 

Cars are Well Maintained in Dubai:

Cars in Dubai are more maintained in Dubai than in any other part of the world. At least parts of the world where I have been to, such as the US and UK. It was surprising for me to not spot a single badly kept car on my 2 trips to Dubai in the last 3 years. People told me there were a bundle of reasons behind maintained and shiny cars. First of all, the cost of fuel is not very high. The money saved up is spent on maintenance.

Deeper is the fact that these cars are bought so that they can be flaunted at the newest eatery and the exotic club down the road. A well maintained, squeaky shiny car is much better to flaunt than dusty and dented one struggling to hit 10 miles per hour. Plus the road quality is magnificent. I have never driven on Ehra-Lessen but I can imagine if any public road is the closest to it in terms of quality; it is got to be any one of Dubai’s main boulevards.

Excellent Car Security! Zero-Theft Zone!

Zero-Theft Zone

On top of everything such as the high paying jobs and the zest and glamour among the people, the government of Dubai makes sure the cars are taken care of and are looked after like no other country. And the result is that Dubai takes care of the properties of its residents like no other country in the world. There is zero theft. That is remarkable. I am pretty sure no other country can boast of such a neatly wrapped law and order situation. 

Rentals and More Rentals?? Why not?

Do you realize how hard it can get to live life when your neighbour has a Lamborghini and you can barely make ends meet? Yes, it happens. There is so much to make money off now. Sometimes it is surprising how many people are making it big, landing their dream jobs or their businesses shooting up in the stratosphere and investing into real estate and buying dream cars. Peer pressure! With the demand soaring up, it is quite a profitable business to open a car rental in a place like Dubai. It is like opening a shop of hot soup in Antarctica if there were more people in Antarctica.

Rentals are cheaper than buying a sports car, the maintenance costs are cut to barely anything and the dream of driving your favourite car is also fulfilled. You can find many such car rentals around the town in Dubai. Don rent a Car is one such car rental, boasting off a large fleet of exotic cars and a sizeable social media following. In recent years, it has become one of the most popular exotic car rentals in Dubai. If you are looking for a luxury car hire in Dubai, one of the great options can be Don Rent a Car. 

Apart from all these reasons which are quite non-glamourous to read, people of Dubai are just massive spenders and love flaunting their wealth. So why not buy Million Dollar cars?