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How to Know You are Ready for Dental Implant Surgery?

Dental Implant Surgery

Dental Implant Surgery- one of the most nerve wracking, gut wrenching dental anxiety for patients. No matter how good your surgeon is or how many other surgeries you have undergone before, it’s new to you and you have concerns. To overcome your fears, the best way is to be well informed about the procedure and have share your thoughts, fears and doubts with your surgeon. Tell your surgeon what your expectations are from the treatment. This will build a trust and confidence between you and your surgeon.

It is known that knowledge weans off half of the fear and half is done by your trusted surgeon. So, to overcome that anxiety and develop confidence you must first of all know:

Why implants over the other options?

Dental implants look, feel and function like natural tooth. In bridge the adjacent teeth needs to be trimmed for support which leads to loss of healthy tissue. Implants preserve the bone height and thus, improve facial appearance, increased efficiency to eat and chew the food. They are long lasting and reliable based on various long term clinical research.

What is an implant?

An Implant is a titanium screw placed into a prepared bony socket in jaws. An external connection called abutment is fitted on top of implant over which a crown, bridge or a denture is placed.

What is the cost of implant?

The cost of the whole procedure of implant depends on the no.of implants to be placed in your case, different implant options available in the market, the type of caps you are opting for and upon the condition of your bone and adjacent tissues. Discuss about the different payment modalities that are provided by your surgeon. Remember, treatment plan varies for every individual and so does the cost. So, without any hesitation talk with your dentist.

What Procedure you are going to do in my mouth Doc?

First of all your surgeon will thoroughly examine you. You should tell them about all your past and current medical history, any medications you are taking, any sought of allergies you are suffering from.

Your surgeon will take proper oral images, X-rays and diagnostic casts for their reference and future records. These tools can also be used to explain you the whole procedure.

  1. Before surgery anaesthesia is given, so that you don’t feel any pain
  2. The incision is given in gums and a socket prepared inside bone
  3. Implant is placed and gums closed with sutures.

Implants left inside bone for a period of 4-6 months so that it unites with bone and we get a strong base for the placement of cap.

In some situations however, immediate capping can be done depending on bone and patient condition.

Sometimes, when the jaw bone is not strong enough to bear forces you may require an artificial bone substitute (bone graft). In the upper arch if the bone height is insufficient, sinus lift surgery may be performed for which you will be pre-informed.

Some typical discomforts associated with surgery.

  • Swelling and bruising of gums and face
  • Pain on implant site
  • Minor bleeding.

However, these discomforts are minimized by following proper instructions given by your surgeon and taking all the analgesics and antibiotics prescribed by them.

Just remember that like your natural tooth, you implant crown also needs to be taken care of.
  • Continue practicing excellent oral hygiene
  • Floss and brush everyday
  • Go for regular dental check ups

Control on harmful habits like smoking and tobacco chewing.

Thus, by being pre informed about the whole procedure, you will be more confident in your choices of implants and your surgeon will be your trusted advisor. This may seem a lot, but don’t worry, as it will be worth it in the end when you will have that beautiful, complete smile again.
  • A well informed patient
  • Develops more trust and confidence on doctor
  • More confident in making choices
  • More relaxed during the procedure
  • Leads to the most successful treatment
  • Has a sense of value for the treatment and implant
  • And Achieves the best long term amazing results.
All this leads to a ready mind and with this a belief that you are opting for the best treatment and taking a good care of the body.

Just remember, that after implant again you will have a bright, big smile to flaunt and a full set of chompers to munch on your favourite food. So, don’t keep any doubts. Believe that you are in good hands. Do your best and relax.

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