If you want a parental control app that takes your kid's protection further than racy and violent sites, Qustodio is the app for you. This feature-rich parental control app lets you flag down cyberbullying the moment it happens. Be vigilant and take precise control of your child's online life with the most trusted parental control software.

Qustodio is an easy to manage and efficient tool to keep track of your child's activities online and to monitor their online presence. Qustodio supports Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android devices.

The application also supports Nook and Kindle devices which is notable and rare. This powerful parental control software boasts of a ton of intuitive features every parent might want. Check out the Qustodio review 2019.


Qustodio offers its users two versions: free and premium. The payment plan is pretty straightforward. The free version has limited features and covers a single device with up to seven days only of activity history. It also comes with basic controls like time quotas and web filtering for specific online activities.

The premium version comes in three subscription plans: family size supports up to three devices and costs $39.95. The medium option supports up to five devices at $54.95, and you'll need to part with $96.95 per year for the large option which supports up to 10 devices.

With the premium version, you get application-based time restrictions, location tracking, and 30 days of activity history. Even though it attracts an imposing price point, it packs a ton of top-tier features to back it up.

Pros of Qustodio parental control software

Web filtering and blocking:

Qustodio helps you filter websites and content, which is age-inappropriate for your child. Qustodio blocks any content matching up to 10 categories, including violence, gambling, drugs, pornography, and alcohol.

Another 19 categories, including file sharing and social networks, are ideal for parents who want to fine-tune web content filtering further. Qustodio cleverly blocks secure websites, whether its Chrome, Opera, or Edge if it showcases inappropriate content.

Location reporting and social media monitoring:

Qustodio has a dedicated social media monitoring function though it can only track Facebook activity. This is not entirely helpful, considering the modern kid has access to loads of social media platforms from Instagram to Snapchat and Twitter.

The child has to log in to Facebook at least once via the configured device to enable tracking plug-in. Your child cannot access facebook if the plug-in is disabled. You can access your child's timeline and see what they are posting when they post it. But one major drawback with Qustodio is its inability to monitor facebook messenger.

Qustodio also features location reporting features which enable you to monitor your child's location every five minutes. This way, you can ensure your kid is where they are supposed to be at all times. However, it lacks the geofencing feature, which is available with its competitors like Kaspersky Safe Kids.

Panic button and SMS Monitoring:

Qustodio allows you to keep track of incoming and outgoing calls, including inbound and outbound text messages. The SMS monitoring feature enables you to flag down online predators or cyberbullies. The panic button is ideal for older kids when they are away from home. In case of an emergency or any danger, they can click on the panic button and send an alert to up to four trusted contacts letting them know they need help.

Screen time limits:

You can set weekly schedules with allotted time frames for each child online. Qustodio allows you to set one-hour increments per device and a daily maximum. To limit screen time, you can opt to turn off the per-device settings. This way, your child cannot switch from using their computer for an hour to using their smartphone for another three hours.

Qustodio also allows you to lock down the device entirely on any platform once the allotted time elapses.

Mobile compatibility:

Qustodio supports both android and iOS users. The android app is clear, precise, and easy to navigate. It features a colorful interface and intuitive design. With the android app, you can track calls, text messages, and block specific incoming and outgoing calls.

The dashboard provides an in-depth variety of statistics and charts for a comprehensive outlook of your child's smartphone activity. The iOS app is limited in its capabilities and won't help you to monitor calls and text messages effectively.

Cons of Qustodio parental control software

High price point:

Even though Qustodio has a free version, it is limited in its capabilities. The premium subscription packs loads of perks, including customer support and comprehensive reports. However, compared to its competitors, it's still expensive even though it has three subscription plans.

Limited social network monitoring:

Qustodio allows you to monitor your child's social media activity. But it's restricted to facebook only which is a letdown considering there is a wide range of social media platform that the modern child is exposed to from Snapchat to Instagram.

No Geofencing:

Qustodio has a geolocation feature that provides the current location of your child's phone. However, the geolocation feature is limited in its capabilities. Qustodio, however, lacks geofencing capabilities. Geofencing notifies the parents when the child leaves a predetermined geographical area. With no geofencing, you cannot block certain apps when your child is at the mall or school.

No tamper alert:

Qustodio offers a robust, airtight security platform. But it lacks the tamper alert feature that notifies you when your child tries to alter the settings on the app or workaround blocked websites.

Platform-specific features:

Qustodio features work best on Android devices. For iOS devices, the software lags in functionality and performance, and most of the features are restricted.

Bottom line:

Qustodio is an excellent parental control software which allows you full control over your child's activities online across a broad range of mobile and desktop devices. It is one of the most comprehensive parental control software with a compelling set of excellent features.

You can limit screen time to avoid screen media addiction, flag cyberbullying, monitor their social media accounts and text messages, and filter inappropriate websites and content.