John Crestani

When it comes to famous digital marketing affiliates, you may have heard all of the stories about John Crestani. However, while he’s a very popular affiliate marketer, and the owner of Internet Jetset, he however has many people who sign up for his program and fail. One of the things that he does is promote how you can do different steps. Many people have tried making numerous websites for affiliate marketing with no luck, there are plenty of people who have succeeded in the program.

What is Internet Jetset?

The program itself is pretty cut and dry. According to this bearded guy, you can make about three thousand dollars per day. He claims you just need to follow his program and do the steps, however, you have to do more than just be on your computer for at least an hour. It involves a very famous Video library that you have to watch. He interviews a fellow affiliate that makes about $2000 a day using Facebook advertising and interviews another in the next video that makes five-figure income every single month.

The third video is where it gets interesting, and he explains how to get skin care products sold using various social media, and web platforms. The next video showcases how an affiliate marketer makes over a thousand dollars in a day just by marketing flashlights. He shows you how to promote using Google means, pay per click advertising supplements, and more. One of the latter videos shows how a 17-step copywriting template helps people to buy products, and then he interviews yet another affiliate.

So, What’s the Problem with His Program?

Well, the reason that question is very popular, but so many people fail just falling for this step, is that if you’re not serious in your marketing, then you probably aren’t going to get anywhere with it. He claims to make over $500,000 in a month, but it’s what works for him. All of the videos about other people are their own stories, and what works for them.

You can’t take their words for it and just do what they do and make the same amount. You need your own story. So while it’s not exactly a scam, it’s definitely something that isn’t for everyone either, and you can’t just go by somebody else’s words and think it’s what’s going to work for you.

So, What’s the Alternative?

One of the primary methods that works is by making a chatbot. Chatbots are the future of advertising, marketing, and building customer service experiences. By the next few years, you’re going to end up getting more business, more ROI, and more revenue by producing smart bots that can help to give your customers a more personalized experience and save time with automation.


If you’re wondering how to build a great chatbot, you can always hop over to Smart Bot Marketers and see what they have to offer, as well as check out their YouTube channel. They offer courses with premium user material that you can get so that you can become partnered with one of the most popular platforms known as ManyChat, and so much more.