Nicotine Cravings

Nicotine cravings can wear you down, especially when you are aware of the health risks associated with its use and are trying to quit.

No matter how hard it may seem, nicotine addiction is not a death sentence. Everyone can overcome it.

On that note, below are some of the techniques smokers can use to kick the harmful habit.

Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)

As a smoker, I am sure you have heard about electronic cigarettes, especially the ones sold at If you are still wondering what the hype is all about, electronic cigarettes are devices that vaporize a chemical liquid, releasing nicotine into the lungs after inhalation.

Other methods of NRT include nasal sprays, chewing gums, patches, and lozenges. The next time you have a doctor’s appointment or visit a health facility, you should seek more information on NRT.

All these are short-acting nicotine substitutes that can aid in overcoming intense cravings.

Avoid triggers

There is a high probability that nicotine cravings will be intense in situations where you either used to smoke or chew it. Such conditions include parties and hanging out with specific friends.

Nicotine addicts should each get to know their triggers, and it is for the best if these situations are avoided altogether.

Also, try to keep yourself busy in some other way if you find yourself in a particular situation where you love smoking.


If you find yourself having cravings, give yourself at least 10 minutes before you reach for your cigarette. In the meantime, do something to distract yourself, something that will keep you busy and make you ‘forget’ about the cravings. You could opt to do as simple thing as go to a public area where smoking is prohibited.

With a few tricks here and there, you will be able to derail your cravings.


Chewing can be a form of distraction. You can chew on sugarless gum, nuts, or carrots, among other things, to keep your mind off cigarettes.

Do not carry ‘just one cigarette.’

Do not fool yourself that you will carry one cigarette just in case you have intense cravings. The mere thought that you have a cigarette at hand will make it challenging to stay clean. The brain already knows that you have a cigarette ‘just in case’, and it will do just that; it will send craving signals all over the body. Not many will be able to resist once that has happened.

Furthermore, having one cigarette will make it easier for you to get a second and a third. Throwing out the window any plans you had of quitting.

Get online support

With the rise of the Internet came social media platforms. There are countless support groups across the Internet, and joining one with people who are going through the same things as you is very encouraging.

Also, seeing people who made it past their addictions is a great motivator. Talk to them and join group discussions. Ask them how they handled their nicotine withdrawal symptoms. The whole point is to learn something from people who understand your predicaments.

Engage in physical activities.

Engaging in physical activities is one way to fight nicotine cravings and keep them at bay. Enrolling in a gym and getting some cardio workouts is one way of doing this, or you could just do home workouts.

Also, simple exercises like running up the stairs a few times, squats, walking, and jogging are some other physical activities that help distract you or reduce the intensity of such cravings.

Remind yourself of the benefits.

Write down why you want to quit and always read them every morning. Carry a copy in your pocket or bag and go through it whenever cravings strike. Some key benefits of not smoking include living a healthier life and saving money. You will also feel good about yourself and save your loved ones from inhaling secondhand smoke.

All in all, no matter how many times you fail, making an attempt to quit smoking is the best thing you can do for yourself. The point is to keep trying. Remember, one successful attempt at resisting a nicotine craving is a step closer to quitting.

Good luck!