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Do you own a rental property and are looking to increase its value? There are several steps you can take to add to your property’s worth. Consider this your guide to making your rental stand out among others in the area.

You'll find the different areas to focus on listed below for you to reference. Each provides a list of suggestions that help the property increase value and appeal to a wider range of quality renters.

Look After the Basics

Some basic things can be done to a rental that keeps it looking good year-round. For example, a fresh coat of paint fix-up it to its former glory inside and out. Consider the value a gallon of paint provides when preparing your rental for new residents.

Also, take time to deep clean and do cosmetic repairs. Old fixtures inside the residence can be swapped out for new handles, faucets, and drawer pulls inexpensively. Outdoors, the roof and siding on the residence often require attention.

By dedicating part of your budget to these two things, you'll instantly attract more renters and make up for the cost of repairs in little time.

Change the Floor Plan and Update the Property

You can change the layout of your rental property with open floor plan. Take down the wall between the living space and kitchen to allow for a better flow. Building onto the residence also makes it more appealing because it increases the number of square feet available inside the rental property. A finished attic or basement appeals to everyone, especially families with multiple children because it allows them to spread out and not put more than one child in each bedroom.

The best floor plans include decorative elements. For example, architectural details such as molding can signify the transition from one room to the next. It creates a cohesive look and compliments the new windows and doors that you've put in.

Go for Mass Appeal with Updates
The updates that you pay for should appeal to a wide range of people. That's why you need to understand your target market and what they're looking for in a rental. For example, some have pets and want to know that the animals are permitted inside the home. By updating your rental contract's pet policy, you have the potential to earn additional income by charging a set amount for pets.

Some other ways to appeal to more potential renters is to increase the storage in your rental property by building shelves or adding closets to existing rooms. You should also upgrade the plumbing, invest in more energy efficient windows, buy new appliances that lower home energy bills, and put in a washer and dryer. It's the type of things they look for in a rental home because the items and fixes add value to the living experience.

Don't Overlook the Outside
Curb appeal is a big factor that plays a role in how well-received a rental is by potential renters. Focus on the front and exterior of the residence as well as the inside. Add a garden and greenery that includes strategically placed plants and bushes. The lusher and greener a yard is, the more attractive the property becomes to others.

New siding, pavement, and windows instantly transform the look of the property. This will increase the number of rental applications you receive from interested individuals and families looking for a new place to live in. Outdoor lights, colorful shutters, a new porch, and a back deck are other options that could potentially increase your rental income throughout the years. The nicer the home looks, the more you can rent it for.

By making some changes to both the interior and exterior of your rental you can increase its value. Set a budget and then start choosing the areas of the home to focus on, such as exploring open floor plans. Before you know it, you'll have an incredible rental that generates income for you regularly because it draws so many people to it.

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