Master Bedroom Remodel
Your master bedroom is a home-based personal retreat. It is your sanctuary where to escape from regular stress for a chance to unwind. When planning a home remodel, your master bedroom should also be included. A professional and experienced Scottsdale remodeling contractor will do an excellent job. Below is how to get started on your master bedroom remodel.

Getting a functional layout for your master bedroom

Before considering the various amenities and accessories to include in your master bedroom, it is essential to consider the design. You must work with your remodeling contractor to develop a functional design for your space. Here are considerations for getting a functional design in your master bedroom.

If you plan to remodel your master bedroom, don't forget to consider replacing your windows. Not only can new windows improve the overall appearance of your room, but they can also increase energy efficiency and provide better insulation. For historic homes in the Houston area, check out MIF Contracting's window replacement service, which specializes in historic window repair. Their expert team can help you preserve the original character of your home while also providing modern benefits.


The master bedroom is a sanctuary from regular stresses in life. Your bedroom should also be an escape from the kids who are always making you busy. Therefore, privacy is important when giving your bedroom a new look. Consider placing closets as sound barriers between the bedroom and noise from the rest of the house. This is a beautiful idea to get the privacy you need in your master bedroom.


Consider taking advantage of the view from the master suite. When remodeling in Scottsdale, opt for oversized windows in the master bedroom. Your bedroom may be on the first floor. Have the windows to face your private garden. When planning to get an addition, have it in a lovely spot that encourages privacy while offering a fantastic view. The contractor will help you to create space with the best ideas.


You should consider the layout of your bedroom. Perhaps you are looking forward to a bedroom separated from the bathroom by a door or hallway. You can also get a luxurious feel in your bedroom with a more open one. This might require getting extra ventilation to keep odors out and lessen humidity. The toilet should be located in a separate alcove to allow sharing the space with another without compromising privacy.

Amenities not to miss in a master bedroom remodel

Modern lighting

The master bedroom should have various lighting options. You need bright lights when getting ready. Reading a book before sleeping requires having reading lights. Setting a romantic mood with your loved one requires ambient lighting. Meeting the various lighting needs in your master bedroom requires investing in the correct type of light.

Recessed lights offer ambient lighting to highlight architectural elements and a romantic mood when dimmed. These lights come in various remote and trim options to match your requirements, especially with a huge walk-in closet. Adding drama to your bedroom space requires chandeliers above the bed. These will create a dramatic focal point while making your bedroom feel special. The contractor will make the light fixture proportional to your bedroom space.

Eye-catching color

Art can transform any drab and dull space to become elegant and sophisticated. You can use flat wallpaper with a white background to maximize the vivid colors of paintings. However, keeping your area white for long is not a good idea. Breaking the white monotony requires adding some colorful and bright art pieces.

Improved closet space

Having enough closet space for you and your partner to keep clothes, shoes, and accessories is vital. Use the area from the adjoining room to expand the closet or redesign the whole bedroom to create a more enormous closet. A built-in wardrobe offers functionality to lessen clutter while maximizing relaxation.

CBuilt-in cabinets make bulky dressers irrelevant. Consider getting a built-in bookcase custom designed to open up space for displaying treasured items. You may have a bay window. Consider creating a window seat with linen storage for practical use in this space. You will also be in a position to enhance your master bedroom design.

Luxurious bath

Getting a luxurious bath is one of the most amenities in a master bedroom. The remodeling contractor will include this much sought-after feature with other fixtures, including a sunken tub, double vanity, and walk-in shower. These amenities will make your bedroom a tranquil space you will always look forward to.

Other high-end luxury amenities include

If you have an appropriate budget, you can add more amenities to make your master bedroom more luxurious. Some of the amenities to consider include:
  • Private balcony
  • Wainscoting
  • Tray ceilings
  • Crown molding
  • Sitting room with fireplace
  • Private patio garden with French doors


A home remodel is a beautiful idea to enhance your home. Apart from getting more space, you will also have a house with amenities to match your needs. You must work with a professional and experienced contractor to guide you through the process.