Holistic healing is a well-known method of treatment in health and medical science. It is a practice of healing that doesn't focus on a single part of the body but considers the whole body of the person. Holistic healing entertains the body, emotions, mind and even spirit. The primary step in holistic healing is maintaining the balance of the body. So, holistic Sanctuary came from Holistic healing. Holistic Sanctuary is where patients with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), depression and anxiety etc., get high-class and luxurious treatments.  In medical science, no other treatment is as effective as holistic healing for the abovementioned mental problems.

Why holistic treatment

Patients with anxiety, PTSD, trauma, depression, and drug addiction get more depressed due to some treatments. Not all of them get healthy and relaxed. Only those who get fit in medicines and want to be healthy get them. We cannot force anyone to get rid of health problems until he/she wants it himself/herself. So, medicines fail there when the patient doesn't want to be healthy. But the treatment is necessary to save a life. Holistic treatment is not tiring, but it prevails all over the body and controls the spirit, thus changing the patient's mental condition. For the problems mentioned above, holistic treatment has proved to be the best solution.

The Holistic Sanctuary

The holistic Sanctuary is a leading name where the patients of PTSD, depression, trauma, anxiety, and drug and alcohol addiction are treated in a luxurious environment with world-class facilities. This is where the holistic healing method is used, considering the whole body. The treatment relaxes the mind and eventually makes the body healthier and converts a sick mind into a healthy one. A holistic sanctuary has all treatment facilities and experts having the best experiences. So, one can believe in The holistic Sanctuary to admit their loved ones.

Holistic Sanctuary offers different treatment styles, including Pouyan Method, Ibogaine, Ayahuasca and Nad IV. These treatments are used for drug and alcohol addicts, mentally sick and depressed persons. There are 4 weeks and 12-week packages available at Holistic Sanctuary.


The holistic healing method penetrates the patient's soul and digs out the root cause of the problem. So, here at the holistic Sanctuary, every facility necessary for the treatment is available. During the treatment, healers provide Yoga facilities as well as meditation. Patients have the following facilities:
·         Daily Yoga
·         No medicines
·         Private room
·         Daily seat baths
·         Meal (best for health)
·         No group meetings
·         Gym, and many more.

Depression patients always want to go away from everything; at a holistic sanctuary, they will feel relaxed. Such facilities have a soothing effect on a patient's mind. Such facilities have a soothing effect on a patient's mind. The expense of a holistic cover depends on the package that you are going to choose. You will have the option to select a gold or platinum package.


Holistic healing has been proven to be the best treatment for mental problems, so if you or your loved ones are suffering from such issues, unfortunately, go to The holistic Sanctuary to get the best treatments.