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Here's how you can become an insurance agent without any prior experience

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Do numbers and figures excite you? Are you among the lot who are looking on ways on how to become an insurance agent online since you are a fresher in the field? If you have an instinct to listening to others and giving them advice, the career of an insurance agent will perfectly suit you.

When you are searching for answers as to how to become an insurance advisor, the first step would be to complete your education.

Get yourself a degree

Though the minimum qualification for becoming an insurance agent is having successfully completed class 10th, if you are working on options of how to become insurance agent In India, the best idea would be to get a degree beforehand.

Freshers without any experience would find it difficult to get work as an insurance agent in case they pursue this career field after class 10th only. Once you have a bachelor’s degree in hand, companies and branch managers offering such positions will also express their faith in you. Studying subjects like risk management and economics will be a positive point for you when it comes to seeking a job as an insurance agent. This is because you would have studied the market and economy which will stand by you in the interview and training process which follows.

Undertake the test

Once you have a bachelor’s degree and the confidence to take up insurance as a career option, you should visit the branch office of any insurance providing company. The branch manager after taking the interview will recommend you for the training which lasts 25-50 hours. Post the training, an examination has to be passed and not having prior experience will not come in your way since the minimum qualification is Class 10th pass out. The conditions laid out for the examination do not stress at any point that the candidate should have any kind of experience.

Once the examination is cleared the competent authority will give you a license to practice as an insurance agent. If you have studied up to bachelors level, not having hands-on experience will never come in your way as the degree will suffice for the lack of experience that you might have.

Better if you have studied up to bachelors level, it would be easy for you to clear the PoSP examination which will enable you to become Point of Sales Person for multiple insurance companies. This way you will be able to apply across multiple categories in different insurance companies. A plethora of options will open up before you and you will be able to deal with multiple kinds of insurance cases. Being suitably educated will definitely compensate for the lack of experience which would have proved a hindrance in case when you would have the minimum qualification of class 10th pass out and that too without any kind of experience.

Potential to earn more

Being well educated often opens up a vista of opportunities before any person. This is surely true in the insurance sector too and you will definitely have the potential to earn more in comparison to an insurance advisor who is a class 10 pass out. Once your probable clients would come to know of your educational qualifications they would definitely like to take the services of a person who is a graduate rather than being a class 10 pass out. It is a common understanding that general people give more Weightage to education rather than experience and you are more likely to receive more cases than your counterparts who have the minimum qualification.

Thus it can be said that Education is the key to be successful for being an insurance agent rather than having less qualifications and experience. Once you are able to deal with 2-3 insurance cases successfully, the Weightage of experience will add more worth to your career in comparison to someone who has been in the market due to their experience only.

You can pursue your higher studies along with working on insurance cases. Every successful case you deal with will add worth to your career and will make you successful by the day.

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