Windows 10 product key

Windows 10 is presently one of the most extensively used operating systems. With 400 million users, this particular version of the Operating System gas gained tremendous popularity. In order to enjoy the features of Windows 10, one needs to activate Windows 10 product key. This is a digital key, or a character code consisting of 25 digits. Once you use this code to activate Windows, you can enjoy all the features.

Windows 10 was released in July 2015. It comes with some great features that enable the users to carry out tasks fast on the computer. During the installation of the operating system, you will need the Windows 10 product key. For employees and organizations, Windows 10 may be the greatest platform that Microsoft has ever made. From the standpoint of good user experience, this version of Windows has made its mark. Besides, it offers several customized features for various businesses. This includes information protection and identification features, high level of security and much more. As a result, the users face less complexity and it enhances their experience, catering to their business needs. On using the product key, you can activate the operating system, after which you can experience all these features.

How important is Windows 10 product key?

The product key is required, when you try to install Windows 10 on your desktop or laptop. It will not be possible to get the OS installed without the product key. However, many people are not aware of what Windows 10 product key actually is. If you do not know where to get the product key from, you can get it when you buy a new OS.

At times, people use a generic key to activate Windows. However, not all the features of the operating system are available to them. In order to enjoy the complete set of features, the product key will be necessary.

Where can you get Windows 10 product key?

The product key is a character code, consisting of 25 characters. When you purchase an operating system, Microsoft will share this code with you. People buying a physical copy of the operating system can find Windows 10 product key in the box of the DVD. In case you have made the purchase online, you can get it through an email. It might be difficult to get the right product key at times. Make sure not to delete the email, or store it in a safe place in a drive. People often use a key finder software to obtain the product key for Windows 10.

The best way to get your Windows 10 product key is to purchase this operating system. Regardless of whether you buy it online or physically, you will get the key. However, if you need assistance, or are unable to locate this key, you may get across to Microsoft helpdesk. The professionals on the other end will help you out.

Users may also use free Windows 10 product key, available online. However, they are not reliable and the operating system may not be activated when you use these generic keys.

Features of Windows 10 you would find beneficial

Windows 10 comes with a wide range of features. This can ease up the usability to a significant extent.

Have a look at the top five features of Windows 10.

New Start Menu

In Windows 10, users will get back the Start Menu. On clicking on this button, present at the bottom of the screen on the left-hand side, two adjacent panels appear. On the left column, you will find the pinned and frequently used apps.

After you activate the operating system using the Windows 10 product key, you can access the power button, where other options like Shutdown, Standby and Hibernate are available. Some live tiles are featured on the right-hand column that the users can resize, reorganize and resize. Besides, they can expand the Start menu to full screen.

Integration of Cortana

A digital assistant of Microsoft, controlled by voice, named Cortana, has been integrated in Windows 10. This further eases up the interactions that people carry out with the computer. You can remain hands-free, when you use this feature. For instance, one may want to search for specific files in the drive, select files according to dates or launch presentations on PowerPoint through voice commands. Even, you can send voice-assisted emails through Cortana. The multitasking features in Windows 10 have become quite popular.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has replaced Internet Explorer. EdgeHTML, a new engine for rendering is used in this browser. After activating Windows using the Windows 10 product key, you can enjoy the seamless experience, browsing on Microsoft Edge. This browser is also well-integrated with Cortana, that enables the users make voice controls and searches. You may also annotate web pages using Edge. Other users can get access to these annotations that are stored on OneDrive.

Virtual desktops

Many users run out of space, particularly when they have a multi-monitor configuration. With Windows 10 Operating System, one can connect multiple desktops and switch between them whenever necessary. These virtual desktops have been termed ‘Task View’ and you can find them on the Taskbar. When you click on the plus sign, a new desktop gets added. You will require the Windows 10 product key to activate the operating system and enjoy these advanced features.

Universal apps

Microsoft, in an attempt to enable a seamless transition across devices, has introduced Universal Apps, a new class of software. The same code can be used here, but the user can get the interface adapted to the device they are using. Besides, Microsoft has also bundled its own apps with the operating system. This includes videos, photos, music, messaging, people and other features.

It is wise to get the original operating system, which comes with the Windows 10 product key. The reason is, you can get the necessary support from Microsoft, if you face any trouble. You may find people using Windows with the generic keys. In case you are using one of these keys, do not activate it. This will prevent your PC from getting blocked. For users it is recommended to use original Windows 10.