The Pouyan Method

Stress and anxiety often result in depression and trauma. There are times when the pressure to perform better than rest or fear of rejection, makes people get addicted. Some people resort to drugs and alcohol to get the required boost to keep on chasing their goals. And others resort to substance abuse to feel good in life. They could be carrying the trauma and depression of an unsuccessful career, low grades in a competitive example, a failed relationship, and the like. When the ratio of depression and substance abuse becomes high, it's essential to opt-in for healing and therapy. One of the methods that help is the Pouyan healing method.

Understanding the Pouyan healing technique

It is a popular healing technique that helps to heal people with severe addiction issues. The healing method is natural and involves no medication and drugs. The objective of this healing modality is to gradually take the brain to its pre-addictive stage by making use of herbs and other natural substances. It makes use of Ayahuasca in some stages as well. However, it is essential to choose a healing center that provides the best Pouyan healing sessions. To know more about this, you can check out the reputed and leading luxury drug treatment centers.

How does the Pouyan method works?

Ancient healers and shamans believed that the human body is capable of healing itself. Also, the body can retain the memory of a person's pre-addictive state. Through this healing technique, the healers attempt to get back to a state, where the mind can trigger the body’s auto-healing state. The process makes use of organic food, natural supplements as well as non-GMO diet. It also comprises of various healing therapies, hyperbaric chamber sessions as well as the NAD IV drips. The entire healing process takes place under a luxury holistic rehab, where the patients commit themselves to a healing regime. Over the years, the Pouyan Healing method has witnessed about 90% of success rates.

Generally, the rehab centers keep a healing program of 12 weeks. The healing process helps patients to flush out the toxic elements in the blood as well as bacterial impacts like Candida. Usually, a sedentary life, erratic food, erratic lifestyle, and lack of sleep create poor gut health. And that gradually results in a weak immune system. Hence, when a person with a weak immune system, gets involved with substance abuse, it takes time for the healing to take place.

Surrendering to the healing process

All healing takes place when the patient finally surrenders to the therapy and healing modality. It is essential to implement the changes that the healers suggest during the retreat so that it becomes a part of the patient's lifestyle. It is also necessary to stick to diet changes, healing practices, meditations, and follow a balanced lifestyle.

The Pouyan Healing process got designed to heal people of trauma, drug abuse, depression, and other afflictions. The patient needs to get committed to the healing process to witness the best results.