If you are looking to buy a toy gun or "firearm," especially if it's a gel blaster or paintball, you should know how they work and the significant similarities and differences between the two. Besides, knowing how to work them is one thing; understanding their components is another. We will examine the two one after the other.

What is a gel blaster?

Also referred to as hydro-blaster or gel-gun, a gel blaster can be described as a toy gun that is somewhat between an airsoft and paintball gun. Many paintball fields overseas operate their games with all three toy firearms. The gel-blaster is called so because when fired, it shoots out a gel pellet which has been soaked inside water.

Components of a gel blaster

Most gel blasters are produced with plastic and consists of metal motors which project the gel pellet. Some of them are made in the form of clear plastic, and they require assembly and painting, and so makes detection by custom officers quite tricky. Apart from importing metal parts to gel blasters to give them a more realistic outlook, they are upgradeable, with other supplementary parts like an exchange of motors, to provide velocities that are air-soft.

Sources for gel blasters

There are about three different sources for gel blasters. They are:
  • Local online suppliers,
  • Abroad suppliers, and
  • A few local shops
According to tactoys.com.au, most gel blasters are an imitation of firearms. Hence, they are prohibited from being imported without the importer having a permit. Some of them resemble real guns, such as the Glock, Sig Square 226, USP, Desert Eagle, MP 5, Steyr Aug, HK 416, CZ Scorpion, and many others. There is hardly a standard assault firearm or pistol that is not available as a gel gun toy. The gel blasters are fascinating toy guns. You even can get your own gel pellet gun online.

Like paintball games, get blaster is also a game of battle which is growing fast popularity, as game organizers and the importers of gel blasters struggle to keep up with the demands. However, not everybody shares this enthusiasm because of gel blasters being banned in some areas. And a few importers face serious charges.

What is a paintball gun?

On the other hand, a paintball gun, also known as a paintball marker, a marker or paint gun, is the essential piece of paintball apparatus used in paintball sport. Paintball guns use expanding gas, such as compressed air or carbon dioxide (CO2), to propel the paintballs through a barrel and quickly strike the target. The word "marker" is coined from its use as a means to mark trees by forestry personnel or to mark wandering cattle by ranchers.

How to use a paintball gun

The muzzle velocities of paintball guns vary according to the specific paintball field. The average muzzle velocity is about 90 m/s, that is, 300 ft/s. Some fields restrict the speed of this toy firearm to 280 ft/s, while some smaller indoor areas may restrict it further down to about 250 ft/s. While more muzzle velocity is not impossible, it is proven unsafe for a user on a commercial paintball field.

If your paintball gun hits an object at high speed, this may cause damage. In the case that the paintball collides with the human skin, even when clothes protect the surface, it may cause bruises or further tissue injury.

However, the damage depends on the paintball's speed, impact angle, distance, whether or not it breaks, and the specific part of the body it hits. Since it has a potential for severe damage to soft tissue, paintball players should wear masks to protect their mouth, eyes, and ears when there is no barrel blocking equipment to prevent paintball gunshots.

Differences between gun blasters and paintball guns

One difference between these two toy guns is that if someone is shot with a gel blaster and gets hit by a gel pellet, it raises a little welt, contrary and smaller to the one you would get from the shot by a paintball gun. A gel blaster is unlikely to cause death, but it could be dangerous to an eye if it hits the eye.

Also, unlike the paintball guns that shoot out paint pellets or the airsoft guns with BB bullets, gel blaster ammunitions have low impact. Besides, many game organizers say that gel ball games are less painful and much cheaper than paintball games. Paintball guns require large CO2 tanks since the ammunitions are not reusable, but the paintballs are biodegradable.

In conclusion

Both the gun blasters and the paintball guns are very useful and serve their purposes, but these are some distinctions between them that you may want to consider before buying or operating either of the two. According to your location, you should also weigh the importation charges and comply with the laws relating to their use.