car for rent

Renting cars can help you save a great deal and prevents you from choking traffic and inconvenience of public transport. However, a reckless pick on the service provider or the vehicle you decide to rent can make you regret your decision. Out of the two, the latter holds major importance. For instance, if you decide to rent a sedan or a luxury vehicle for a road trip, you would regret it later. You need a strong SUV for that purpose. Likewise, the importance of choosing the right vehicle is vast.

So below, we list down a few questions that you must ask yourself and find the right answers if you want to rent the right car for your journey.

1. How many people are travelling?

This is the most basic question that you must ask yourself before you step ahead in the renting process. The headcount or the number of people travelling with you decide a lot. Especially the variant of cars that you must shortlist, i.e. a hatchback, sedan or an SUV. This is my #1 factor because even if you are low on budget, you still cannot rent a hatchback if you are a group of 6-7 people together. The reason why you need to have a clear idea of the number of people travelling with you. Another example will help you learn better. Suppose you love high-end convertible vehicles, and fortunately your budget allows you to afford one, but these vehicles have a very limited seating capacity, maximum 4. So if you are a larger group, you need to pick out different options.

2. What is the luggage capacity you are looking at?

Irrespective of where you go or how you go, your luggage is going to follow you. So, if you haven’t considered this determinant, it will turn out to be a major drawback in the trip. If you are not going to change hotels on your trip it becomes all the more important to select a car that is luggage-friendly. For instance, if you are on a business trip, which is comparatively shorter, sometimes as short as one day, you don’t have much luggage, precisely not more than one suitcase and can decide likewise on the vehicle you rent. On the contrary, when you are going on a family vacation, you probably have more luggage than the members. So be prepared to pay more for renting the bigger vehicles.

3. What is your Fuel budget?

We all want to save money irrespective of the activity, and ‘renting a car’ is no alien to this concept. And here’s how you can achieve it – find vehicles which are fuel-efficient, that will help you save money and the environment. Generally, when are renting bigger vehicles, which can carry a high number of passengers, with good luggage capacity, we miss out on fuel efficiency. These vehicles are generally inefficient when it comes to fuel and gas. So, what do you do? You need to carry out a thorough research, make comparisons, and prepare a list of vehicles that fulfills all your needs along with being fuel-efficient.

4. What are the features you need?

Different service providers provide different features even in the same car models they offer, depending on your preference. While you are planning to rent a car, I am sure there must be a list of basic and luxury features that you desire. A GPS tracker and music system is basic and is mostly contained by all the vehicle. Further, suppose you are opting for a van to accommodate your family then, you might need facilities like a television for entertainment purposes. The added desired features might depend from person to person, but one thing remains constant and that is, you need to pay extra for each of the added services. So, don’t count on luxury features that would lead to budget failure!

5. Do you consider excess car insurance?

Most of the car rental service providers give access to extra insurance in case of unfortunate happenings. This will give you a cover and protect against the damages if you are involved in a car accident. Before the final pick, consider all your options.

To conclude, ask these questions to yourself and I am sure it will help you pick the best car rental that meets all your needs. Lastly, don’t forget to run a background check on the service provider. Happy journey, and happy renting!