How many times have you thought to yourself; “This movie is amazing! I would love to watch it again. Or this song will be topping off the Billboard Charts this year. Need to create a folder”?

These are questions we ask when we want something to be stored in our devices and watch or listen to it whenever we want. For this, downloading these movies or songs sounds like the best possible method to follow.

But what if you have to pay for these? We all get attracted to things we get for free. What if you get to download your favorite music and movies on your device and view them without any disruptions? Legendary right?

Best Sites to Download Music

So, here it is. 10 best legal sites to download and watch your favorite movies and music on a daily basis and most of them on the list is for free:-


Soundcloud unlike an app which is exclusively meant for downloading is meant for live streaming. This implies that the music you get access to cannot necessarily be downloaded. This is because some of the high labeled artists cannot enable the downloading option next to their music on a contractual basis.

This has been made a very strict rule by most aspiring artists because of the increased level of the violation of copyrights and plagiarism. If the beats from one artist’s music is used to create someone else’s music, the latter can deny that anything was copied and there is no proof against the same.

However, there are some songs which are enabled for downloading based on the wishes of the artist and the risks she or he is willing to take. If you are lucky enough, you might find the enabling option next to your favorite songs. However, there is a specific payment pan regarding downloading music from Soundcloud.

Wynk Music

If Hindi music is your jam, this is the right app for you. Wynk Music has exclusive benefits for airtel customers like extended premium plans which have special benefits and offers. Even if you are a regular customer and you love listening to Hindi music, this app is completely free for downloading as well as live streaming.

You can always upgrade to the premium plan because it will get you more benefits and offers than the normal plan.

Not just Hindi music, Wynk also streams regional dialectical music like Gujrati, Bhojpuri, Malayalam, etc., and a few global mainstream English music.

it comes to watching movies online, tops the list because of all the benefits it provides to you like watching all movies of your choice in HD quality, all free of cost.

So the next time you want to download a movie, visit this site as you can surf through your movies categorically. These movies are categorically arranged by their genre as well as their year.

In addition to this, while the movie is on, there are three servers in play. So, in case there one of the servers don’t work, you have two other servers backing you up which are bound to work.


Toxicwap is all in one need a site which does not only help in downloading music but also you will be able to download music and funny videos from toxic wap. I can not say it is totally legit because it provides a link to download movies. Downloading movies from such site is not legit. Toxicwap may face copyright infringement. So better try other above sites to listen and download music on your device. 

The Verdict

Just Go to these websites to listen to music all around the world. You can also try their app which you can download from iTunes or Google Play. Downloading music from these sites is completely legit. All you have to make an account and you are ready either stream or download music.