Is your yard described as a hilly one or sloped? Or you have a mountainous backyard that has not been mowed for some years now and because your lawnmower can’t handle the job. There are lots of individuals out there with hilly yards and are well able to maintain the grass in a clean, excellent cut and shape. This is not magic; all you need is a right lawn mower for hills.

In this piece, there is information regarding how to get the best lawn mowers for hills. Note that there are different kinds of lawn mowers and they are; riding lawn mowers and push lawn mowers. Also, lawn mowers can be a residential one (for personal use), and commercial lawn mowers (for public use, especially for rendering mowing services to different people).

Features to Lookout in Mowers for Hills

If you are deciding to get a lawn mower for your personal use, there are factors to consider before placing orders or going to a store to get a mower. According to this website one of the dangers an individual should try to consider before making a purchase is checking the balance of the lawn mower.

How balanced is the lawn mower?

One of the dangers an individual should try to consider before making a purchase is checking the balance of the lawn mower. This is one of the most critical aspects to focus on. Whether you are going to be doing the job by yourself or by someone else, losing the grip while on the hill can cause serious injury, or even lead to death. What are those features to check out to prevent any of these from happening? One needs to look out for mower with a wide base, excellent center of gravity, right wheels, working gear, and effort power for climbing hills without stress.
  • Wide base: Wide base, which also means the long body is more steady on hills. Though this depends on how low the center of gravity is, note that the heaviest parts of the lawn mower are the motor. So where the engine is located should be considered. A lawn mower with 42 inches cutting deck is recommended. Walk-behind or push mowers can have at least between 21 to 22 inches cutting width.there is no point in considering this factor in walk behind lawn mowers.
  • Excellent center of gravity: Lawn mowers with an excellent center of gravity are the ones that can do better in hills. This is also an important issue. It has been noticed that most manufacturers of lawn mowers don’t vary much when it comes to term about the configuration of their mowers. However, this feature will assist in selecting the kind of lawn mowers needed for hills though there won’t be a vast difference between the available models or manufacturer. Low center of gravity is excellent, but, it is better to have the center of gravity at the center between the tire base. A centered gravity will give excellent stability and balance to the mower when climbing up and down the hill.
  • Quality traction: Traction is used to navigate the lawn mower when riding up and down the hill. This comes in 3 primary variables: the largeness of the wheel on the mower, what is the exact traction on the wheel, and see how many wheels are driving the mower. A giant wheel is advised, and it is better if the wheel is an automated one. Avoid getting into trouble with the tires; it is good to check them daily for worn out parts and make replacement immediately. Better still, it can be upgraded to a better tire. Recently, four-wheel-drive lawn mowers are trending; you could get any of these and better your mowing fun.
  • Ability to climb a hill: This is another thing to consider when trying to purchase your lawn mower. Lawn mower for hill must have the strength and ability to climb hills effortlessly. Check out the best mowers for hills online for a reliable one. Of course, you need to get up the hill with the lawn mower. Check if the lawn mower is strong enough to work on a hill before placing orders.
  • Self-powered for hills: this is also known as self-propelled mowers. This kind of mowers makes use of the energy in the motor to drive the lawn mower forward and to climb the hill. Look for lawn mowers that can send enough power to drive up a sloppy area and still maintain its stability and balance to cut grass with ease.
With all these put together, an individual should be able to get just the exact lawn mower needed for a hilly area. Follow your choice and models of the lawn mower but don’t ignore the necessary features.