Hey, I am from Honest Fishers. Today I am talking about the best echo fly rods and temple fork outfitters fly rods! In the world of fly rods, Echo is one of them. The manufacturer designed this product to be very lightweight, from 2wt to 6wt. This rod has medium-fast action to cast appropriately in any fishing situation.

Echo fly rods have a variety of rods. Recently they launched Echo Carbon XL, a superhit fly fishing rod in the market. Echo Carbon XL is a less pricey product, an actual performer product. It comes with a four-piece travel design. Echo Carbon XL is a lightweight, user-friendly product with great versatility and good value for money. It is an entirely perfect product for beginners.

Additional details are below:

  • · Like other fishing rods, there are many options available for the Echo Carbon XL, including the 7’3″ 2 weight, 7’6″ 3 weight, 8’4″ 4 weight, 9′ 4 weight, 9′ 5 weight, and 9′ 6 weight selections. You can also choose different colors. It is available from bass to brown or bookies to bluegill.
  • This fly rod grip style orientation is perfect for freshwater. But you can also use it for saltwater. But it is manufactured for freshwater.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Featured 2-6 weight lines.
  • Available From 7 ft. 3 inches to 9ft. 6 inches in length
  • Has four sections (four-piece travel design)
  • Perfect for medium-fast action
  • Used for freshwater fly fishing.

How Good is Echo Carbon XL? Is It Worth the Money?

Echo Carbon XL is worth the value of the money. Because one piece of the product enables you to fish in every fishing activity. Besides, Echo provides you a fantastic opportunity to choose your favorite color. Have excellent durability and a lifetime warranty. So, it is obviously worth the value of your money.

The Echo Carbon XL sounds too good for the price; why? 

The Echo Carbon XL price is much lower than it should be. It is one in all fly-fishing rod, master of everything; nymphing, small and medium dry flies to more significant creeks.

Echo Carbon XL Unique Features: 

Echo Carbon XL is a four-piece, travel-friendly fishing rod. Moreover, it comes with a sock and, a case, an anodized aluminum reel seat with a cutaway design.

Pros of Echo Carbon XL

  • They use lightweight, simple foot guides
  • They are relatively faster compared with the other expensive trout rods
  • The models are designed considering different situations
  • They are suitable for casting small, medium, and large dry flies
  • Versatile for catching more fish because of accuracy
  • Stiff, brittle-free, and long-lasting
  • Offers excellent value for money.

Cons of Echo Carbon XL

  • This is a newbie fishing rod. So, it is meant for inexperienced fishermen or people to try out their luck fishing for food or as a sport.

Temple Fork Outfitters Fly Rods Info 

Temple Fork is one of the best fly-fishing manufacturers for all seasons. The two best fly-fishing rods are listed below:
  1. Temple Fork: Finesse Series Fly Rod, TF 05 89-4F
  2. TFO Temple Fork Lefty Kreh Professional Series II Graphite Fly Fishing Rod

Temple Fork: Finesse Series Fly Rod, TF 05 89-4F


  • Rod Spec – 8ft 9in 5 weight, 3.1oz.
  • Rod Action – Slow.
  • Materials – FSG fiberglass.
  • Guides – Stainless steel snake.
  • Sections – 4 pieces of dot alignment.
  • Handle – RHW AAA-Grade cork.
  • Reel Seat – Double lock nuts Rosewood insert.
  • Tube – Cordura tube sold separately.
  • Warranty – Lifetime warranty for the original owner.

Temple Fork: Finesse Series Fly Rod is the best fishing rod among the Temple Fork and all other rods. TF 05 89-4F is such a model rod that you can buy it with confidence. All anglers will be able to use it without any casting problems.

It is perfect for shorter and mid ranges casts. This fly rod has slow to medium action, which is also ideal for beginners. One significant factor about this rod is its performance in any situation and water type.

From a boat or from the shore, wind or no wind, it performs excellently. If you want a close cast, you have it. Medium distances work very well too. Also works very accurately and handles smoothly when the conditions are wrong with the wind.

The Finesse Series TF 05 89-4F is an excellent model fishing rod with a moderate price, but it can work in different situations. So, the perfect choice for all anglers.

TFO Temple Fork Lefty Kreh Professional Series II Graphite Fly Fishing Rod


  • Rod Spec – 9ft 5 weight, 3.8 oz
  • Rod Action – Medium Fast
  • Materials – IM6 Graphite
  • Guides – Hard chrome and stainless steel
  • Sections – 4 pieces dot alignment
  • Handle – RHW AAA-Grade cork
  • Reel Seat – Anodized with braided carbon insert
  • Tube – Cordura tube sold separately
  • Warranty – Lifetime for the original owner.
TFO Lefty Kreh Pro is another favorite fishing rod for all anglers. A lot of fishermen buy this fishing rod just for a backup rod. Honestly, this is not a very beautiful design look fly fishing rod. It is a medium-fast action rod. While casting, it handles much like six or seven fast action rods. It feels like a heavier rod, and handlers also seem more serious, as mentioned.

TFO Lefty Kreh Pro has another critical factor. You can use this rod for rivers la, kes, and streams. While you are supposed to have a few rods in your kit, you will do well in all seasons and all conditions with just the Lefty Kreh Pro during any fly-fishing trip.

TFO Lefty Kreh Pro believes in handling ability and distance. This is a fast-action rod, so you can take short distances as an experienced angler. Beginners and professionals will find it during a medium distance or even more considerable length; the rod can run perfectly.

Temple Fork made this rod so that it can be used exclusively during all the fishing seasons and trips.

Final Verdict 

At a lower price, the Echo Carbon XL fly rod and temple fork are definitely a buying fly rod. The casting ability and accuracy are above average, feel is excellent. If you are a beginner, about to start fly fishing, or just to try out your luck in fly fishing, you should definitely try this out.