Costa Rica Visit

Want your bachelor party to be unique? How about a visit to Costa Rica? This country is a party goer’s paradise. With some of the best nightclubs and bars, you will surely enjoy your midnight crawl. 

Here is what to do on your Costa Rica party:

Visit the Best Bars and Nightclubs in the Country

Check Out Tamarindo

Did you think your day comes to an end with the sun disappearing around the horizon? No. this marks the beginning of an amazing nightlife in Tamarindo. Dance the night away with some peppy music or test your luck at a casino. Enjoy your favorite drink with your best pals all along. Visit rooftop bars and witness the wonder as Tamarindo turns from dusk to dark. 

Did you just have an adventurous day with ziplining and backpacking? Do you wish to unwind and simply relax the night away? Tamarindo offers that too. You can enjoy the warm nights with sushi or cocktails at a lounge. 

Try out international delicacies at the best restaurants in the country. Step out from your room and enjoy the view before stepping into the serenity offered by a jacuzzi. You can have it all in Tamarindo.

Indulge Yourself in Santa Teresa’s International Vibes

Looking for the right mix of chill and peace for your party? Would you like to enjoy dancing in the best nightclubs but hate to sleep over the loud party music? Santa Teresa offers just the right amount of indulgence for your party. You will love the nightlife and yet can enjoy the calm nights of Santa Teresa. 

In fact, there is only one big party happening every night here. The location may change every day, so make sure to ask around. Also, you can check out some of the best yoga hotels here that help you regain your inner peace. 

Start your night by dining at the best hotels serve craft cocktails and other local delicacies. Santa Teresa also attracts some of the best chefs in the world. So, you can even check out some global cuisines. Since Santa Teresa is located on the Nicoya Peninsula, seafood is especially delicious here. 

Don’t call off your night yet! There are over a dozen lounges that serve micro brew or cocktails throughout the night. Each lounge is unique with its own vibe. Some places let you jam to reggae while others are quiet. The party heat generally starts to gather at around 10.30PM. So, you can enjoy techno on the beach or salsa dancing. 

You can even retire early and wake up to long jogs on the beach or take up sunrise yoga classes. Ride on the early morning surfs and let nature heal your soul!

Cruise From Daytime Adventures to Nighttime Party in Jaco

Jaco is the closes beach town to the capital city, San Jose. With over 2.5 miles of pristine beaches, Jaco offers a wide range of fun daytime activities. Enjoy surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, and sport fishing. Visit the nearby national parks or places providing male stripper rentals Melbourne. Stroll through the jungles and feast your eyes with rare wildlife. Come night, Jaco transforms into something entirely different. 

There is always a party happening in this popular beach town. So, it is a perfect place to let down your guard and get the best out of your Costa Rica party. Sip cold cervezas at your favorite beach bar or enjoy the best cocktails at an upscale lounge. 

From dance clubs to poolside parties, there is nothing that Jaco can’t offer! You can even visit a casino and get lucky at the tables. With numerous clubs and bars, you will find yourself hopping from one club to another every night in Jaco.


Do you think you have excellent dancing skills? Challenge it with the locals, because of everyone dances in Costa Rica. Nevertheless, you are always invited to try dancing to salsa or merengue on the dance floor. You can even take up some dance lessons in town, polish your dance moves and hit the dance floor. Hip hop, salsa, reggaeton, house, cumbia, merengue and popular hits from the 80s and 90s are commonly played in the clubs and bars of Costa Rica. 

Visit the fun karaoke bars and nod along with the music. Professional singers and serious karaoke clubs can also be found in San Jose. You will enjoy the Spanish and English hits that are being played here. 

Costa Ricans are extremely friendly. So, don’t be surprised if a stranger approaches you for a dance. They are quite upfront in their intentions and often dance closely

If you have enjoyed ziplining through the Costa Rican forests or went on adventurous treks, then signing off early in the night is probably not for you. Check out these amazing activities in Costa Rican nighttime that show the other side of this magnificent country. Have you decided where to party already?