The Anker SoundCore mini is usually priced at around $ 30- $ 35 on the various merchant platforms. Above all, it was thought of as an easy-to-carry model that slips easily into a bag. It is a good product for mobile people, or a solution for the youngest. It is also available on online store thegadgetspro.

What we think about the Anker SoundCore mini

 Anker SoundCore mini

The Anker SoundCore mini has two advantages: it is a compact and inexpensive product. Naturally, this implies accepting some concessions, whether in terms of sound quality or general design. The next step is to check whether these compromises are or are not an inconvenience for you.

It is first on the raw power that you must not be too greedy: with 5 watts, the device is perfectly audible but does not have the same strength of character as other models. The sound quality is pretty good compared to the price range, the bass is surprisingly marked, but the highs are a little strident.

This is the small speaker that has everything a big. The speaker fills my bedroom with great sound, as well as my living room. High-quality, distortion-free sound easily fills my room when I use my Anker speaker. And at that price, I can still afford a little more. Very easy to configure on my iPad. I thought the sound was great when my wife made a positive comment about the quality of the music. Ideal for travel, dormitory, or anywhere you would like to enjoy your music.(Robert)

The device is obviously not at the level of speakers more expensive in terms of sound, but it is easily forgiven thanks to its great portability: it weighs 299 g, or 10.55 oz, and you can easily board it by car, holiday or when going out in a wallet. On the other hand, its autonomy is limited to 15 hours.

Bluetooth connectivity works well. However, the theoretical range of 20 m, or 66 ft, is questionable: the speaker seems to have difficulties when it is a little too far from the device to which it is paired.

You have two choices of colors: black or pink. Attention, these are not always offered at the same rates. The rounded shape of the product and its buttons on the front ensure ease of use and transport very pleasant. A micro SD port is present to further increase the portability.

Last detail that may hinder some buyers: the device has an automatic shutdown function, since five minutes have elapsed without it being used, non-deactivatable. This did not bother us in practice, but can become frustrating depending on your profile and the use you intend to make of the Anker SoundCore mini.

Features of the Anker SoundCore mini

  • The best portability-quality ratio.
  • Its very honest for the price range.
  • Limited power.
  • 299 g / 10.55 oz.


  • Good sound-to-price ratio
  • Portability


  • Reduced power
  • Acute badly managed
  • Cannot disable auto shutdown

Our verdict on the Anker SoundCore mini

  • Efficiency:
  • Design:
  • Price:
  • Quality:


The Anker SoundCore mini does not have a serious flaw: of course, the sound and power are average, and the product is less solid or elegant than other devices, but all this is done in accordance with a tariff generally practiced lower. If for you, what matters is to take your speaker everywhere, do not hesitate.