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Depression and anxiety are one of the most common mental health issues. People suffering from depression and anxiety experience negative thoughts and suffer from suicidal tendencies.

The main cause is the lifestyle of people. People are generally busy in their daily life with their family responsibilities and work pressure and eat unhealthy food that with time stress starts building inside their minds and people are unaware of it usually. If they start experiencing stress, they just ignore it initially. Ultimately, this proves fatal as stress with time changes into depression and the depressed person tries to harm himself.

Depression and anxiety are not a disease but a state of mind. People do talk about physical issues which are easily visible but mental issues like agitation, frustration, stress, extreme anger, depression and anxiety are not addressed. Depression can be mild or severe. It replaces the positive thoughts of a person with negative ones. To effectively deal with depression, you need to Find a Therapist in California.


·        GLOOMINESS AND DESPAIR: A depressed or an anxious person will feel sad and lonely all the time and will cry most of the time.

·        DWELLING IN THE PAST: Generally, a person suffering from depression is not able to forget his past and continuously thinks of it and experiences a dark future.

·        UNKNOWN BODY ACHES: Depressed or anxious person usually experiences unknown body aches. It can be severe back pain or discomfort in any body part.

·        RACING HEARTBEAT: Depression or anxiety can make a person feel sick and weak. It leads to a faster heartbeat due to which a person loses his concentration on his routine tasks.

·        HEAVY BREATHING OR FEELING CHOKED: A depressed person feels choked and experiences heavy breathing.

These are some of the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Though it can be cured naturally or through some medical prescriptions it is much better for a person to treat depression naturally.

CURE FOR DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY: Just follow these some natural remedies to cure depression and anxiety:

ü DO EXERCISES: Doing exercise on regular basis can help a person deal with stressful situations. Exercise helps in burning down anxious energy which leads to positivity in a person.

ü PRACTICE MEDITATION: Depression can be cured by practising meditation in day-to-day life. Mindfulness-based meditation is one of the popular therapy for curing anxiety and depression.

ü CREATIVE WRITING: A person can cope with depression by resorting to creative writing. By writing down one’s thoughts in a notebook or diary, an anxious state of mind can be managed.

ü AROMATHERAPY: Aromatherapy like smelling soothing plant oils like Lavender can ease out anxiety and reduces the fast heart rate and helps in curing insomnia.

ü SPENT TIME WITH ANIMALS: Lastly, one of the best remedies to deal with anxiety is to spend your time with animals like dogs or cats. This can boost your mood and make you happy and positive.

Hence, depression can be cured easily with these natural remedies.