virtual office space

When a person plans to start a business, they dream of incorporating all the talented people in his enterprise for quality, delivering the best services. They try to make their enterprise different from all the other organizations by providing the luxury of flexible work hours, timely payments, and excellent infrastructure to work. But the pocket only allows a startup to offer some of these benefits. And no one wants to accomplish all these by breaking the Bank. For employers' ease, there is a free employee schedule maker available on the internet these days.

The good news is that this technologically advanced era allows all your dreams to come true. One doesn't have to lease or buy an actual office space to provide that corporate feel. Rather than booking an office, hiring a receptionist, and purchasing office equipment, furniture, ac, or LAN, one can relish all the bells and whistles of an actual working office without hefty ongoing costs. To this end, having an easily accessible workplace is necessary.

A virtual office is a modern business phenomenon.

The address of your business at a prime location is a predominant condition. A company can have all these through a virtual office. A service that allows business owners to work remotely by providing a range of business functions run and managed through the internet yet having a physical address, is called ‘Virtual Office.’ It enables a startup or any business to create and maintain a presence in a prime location without paying the rent for an actual space, including all the benefits.

Ultimately a business address in a prestigious location like London in the UK, for example, shows potential clients and customers that your business is reputable. Your chosen address can have a massive impact on the image of your business, and therefore a virtual office is a popular solution for business owners. If you want to learn more about the potential benefits of a virtual office in London, you can visit

The origin of the concept

John Markoff first mentioned the term 'Virtual Office' in 1982. He had predicted that a virtual office would be built around a personal computer with the help of a local area network. The idea then evolved with an increase in the capability of the business to function remotely using the technology. Today virtual office has become a cost-effective smoldering business idea.

Employee scheduling software helps businesses efficiently create and manage work schedules for their employees. It automates the scheduling process, reduces errors, improves communication, and improves organization and productivity. Here are some popular employee scheduling software options:
  • Deputy: Deputy is a comprehensive employee scheduling software that offers features like shift planning, time tracking, team communication, and task management. It allows managers to easily create schedules, assign shifts, and track employee attendance. Deputy also integrates with various payroll and POS systems.
  • When I Work: When I Work is a user-friendly employee scheduling software that simplifies creating and managing schedules. It offers features like shift trading, time-off requests, employee self-service, and mobile access. When I Work integrates with popular payroll and communication tools.
  • Humanity: Humanity is a cloud-based employee scheduling software designed for businesses of all sizes. It provides advanced scheduling capabilities, including shift templates, demand forecasting, and optimization of labor costs. Humanity also offers time and attendance tracking, leave management and mobile access.
  • Shiftboard: Shiftboard is a flexible employee scheduling software suitable for industries with complex scheduling needs, such as healthcare, retail, and hospitality. It offers shift bidding, automated shift scheduling, workforce analytics, and compliance management. Shiftboard also provides mobile apps for employees to access their schedules.
  • TSheets: TSheets, a software by QuickBooks, offers time tracking and employee scheduling features. It allows managers to create schedules, track employee hours, manage time-off requests, and monitor labor costs. TSheets integrates with QuickBooks and other payroll software for streamlined payroll processing.
  • Homebase: Homebase is a free employee scheduling software that simplifies scheduling and time tracking. It offers shift templates, labor forecasting, team communication, and time clock integration. Homebase also provides a mobile app for employees to access their schedules and request shift swaps.

Here's a list of services provided by the virtual office:

A business address at a prime location- The service package from virtual business providers offers a postal address to help a business earn more prestige in the market. Therefore you can work while waiting for a friend in Pune's cafe while having your virtual office space in Mumbai.
  • A receptionist - To give your clients and employees a less virtual and more accurate feel of an office, a virtual office provides reception services. The service provider will handle your incoming calls and schedule your meetings. You won't have to offer your phone number. Instead, you can use a landline number that makes you look like a pro.
  • Keep the business updated - A company receives mail regularly at its official address. A business owner should know all the information as soon as it arrives. All the letters posted at your office address will be scanned and mailed to you immediately after receiving them to keep you updated with all the phenomena around you.
  • Meeting rooms - Every business needs a proper authentic space to meet their clients and make a good impression of your business in front of them to offer your business their project. A company may need access to a full-time desk but can schedule its meetings in formal conference rooms. It improves the client's loyalty to the business.
  • Saves shuttle time - Not everyone working with the organization will have to invest 3-4 hours daily in commuting. They can invest this time towards work. It will benefit an increase in the productivity of an employee and increase their focus.
  • Flexible working hours - Employees can manage to prioritize all the other vital activities along with work. A mother can attend his son's parent-teacher meeting, a dad can attend his son's sports day parade, and a student can manage his studies with work. One doesn't need to write an official letter for leave before taking it. Employees can schedule their appointment accordingly.
  • Access to global talent- A business can get a chance to include skills from all corners of the world. The company can hire project-specific employees to work for a few days. A virtual office provides the privilege of working with talents worldwide and paying them for their work.
  • Increases productivity - An employee can earn more wages by working for a business located in a well-developed city. The pay scale differs from city to city. Also, working in a task-based job will increase employees' productivity in a short period.
There's no limitation of choice one can discover all around. But it's essential to research the best inexpensive service to fulfill your needs. One should only guarantee one by looking for the best returns by comparing the pros and cons of each office space. By critically examining these offices and what they offer, one can quickly determine the best profitable deal for one's business.