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Fonts are a great way to enhance a design even with the help of text. The way each alphabet appears can add to the visual representation of the design. A good font can convey a brand’s personality easily without stealing the focus from the actual message being conveyed. Today, designers have access to a huge variety of fonts available which can be used to make a graphic design stand out. To make the most of these fonts, designers need to stay updated about the latest fonts and how they can be used on their tech logo, health logo or any other graphic design.

1. Anton

Condensed display fonts were created to save space in print headlines for newspapers, magazines and posters. Today, they have evolved and are used to create a larger impact without taking up the entire design space. It can be downloaded for free from Google fonts. Being a readable and simple font, it can be added to design easily along with different script fonts.

2. Cooper Black

Web browsers, website platforms such as WordPress have resulted in a rise in the popularity of serif fonts. These fonts are versatile as some of the fonts are perfect for a professional and elegant look while some ignite a more vibrant and fun vibe. Designed by Oswald Bruce Cooper, Cooper black adds a retro touch to the design and has found its place for TV Credits and social media banners.

3. Aleo

Aleo is a contemporary font designed to keep in mind a modern audience. It packs style and readability with sleek characters that have rounded ends. The Aleo font family consists of 6 style and 3 weights which are light, regular and bold. If you are looking to add a simple and graceful font to a professional design such as a business card, brochure while staying clear from a typist font, then Aleo can be your answer.

4. Ogg

Ogg is a font inspired by works of the 20th-century book designer and calligraphy artist Oscar Ogg. Created with the unique mix of calligraphy and typographic style, Ogg brings out a renaissance flair to design while staying fresh and contemporary. The two font style family comes in a single weight and is best used for magazines, product packaging, posters etc.

5. Ostrich Sans

The characters in this font family have elongated long necks like the famous bird it is named after. This ultra-modern font is an all caps font with various style and weights. In addition to the common ultra, regular and normal, you can also use dashed, rounded, race track style double lines and inline with italics. For a better and refreshing style, you can even combine two or more of these styles in your design. With a diverse style set, this font is also great for creating text hierarchy.

6. Lato

Another sans serif font, Lato brings a more promising potential to the table than others in the serif category. Designed by Ɓukasz Dziedzic, “Lato” stands for “summer” in polish. While originally the font was created as a set of corporate fonts for a client, it was released for use by the public when the client decided to go with another entry. This font family has since grown and now includes 18 weights making Lato a very versatile option for designers. It can be used for website texts, headings, logo designs, banners as well as prints like magazines, brochures, business cards etc.

7. Notable

Notable is a retro 1930s font designed by the trio Eli Block, Hana Tanimura and Noemie Le Coz. With vintage styles making a huge comeback today, this style cannot be missed. One look at the notable font and you are instantly transported to the times of 1930s comics and the trendiest magazines of the time. This sans serif display font’s letterforms are available in uppercase and were inspired by the font style found on US currency.

8. Dia

The initial Grotesque fonts were created for short space print copies in the 1800s. Today, fonts like Dia bring the simple yet diverse ethos of the early font styles while adding a concise and cohesive flair. This makes the font an amazing choice for text, heading as well as display copy. The letterforms have different variations in each style, ranging from light and narrow with curling ends to heavy, wide and thick strokes with pointy terminals. Even with their individual and distinctive looks, all the eight styles can be used seamlessly together in one single design. Even the heaviest styles in this font family have been designed in perfect size which helps pair them easily with other script fonts as well. The powerful look and concise size would make the font an amazing addition to a logo maker and can even be added to a graphic design tool.

9. Nexa Rust

If you are looking for a font set that has everything under the sun then your search can end with Nexa Rust. It is a multifaceted font system with many font families that consist of Sans, Script, Slab, Handmade and Extras in different weights. Based on each family’s design that ranges from warm, vintage, rugged to handwritten styles, they can be used for various projects.

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