Commercial Kitchen

When in the food service business, maintaining a clean kitchen is very important. Your kitchen should be hygienic enough for preparing tasty and healthy meals. Bacteria lurks in various areas in a commercial kitchen including bench tops, cutting boards, and utensils. So, you have to maintain the utmost cleanliness and food safety standards. This is where having appropriate cleaning suppliers comes in handy.

There are important items that should not miss on your kitchen checklist. These are very important in maintaining cleanliness in your kitchen including equipment. Knowing a reputable supplier of kitchen supplies is very important. And, this should have all the appropriate cleaning suppliers that you will have to use to maintain cleanliness in your kitchen. Check out these ideas on how to keep your commercial kitchen clean. 

Have a cleaning schedule

The first step to ensuring a clean kitchen is to have a cleaning schedule. Equally important is the importance of sticking to your cleaning schedule religiously. This requires letting every employee know when the next cleaning is due. Part of the cleaning schedule requires listing the equipment necessary for the cleaning process. This will make it easy for your employers to clean your kitchen according to the schedule without any excuse.

Choose appropriate cleaning supplies

You have already realised the need to have cleaning supplies for the cleaning process. The next process is to purchase the supplies for the job. Before you hit the market, make a shortlist of the supplies you need. And, buying the cleaning suppliers in bulk from an online supplier is recommended. It offers a chance to purchase the supplies from wholesale direct at a discount. This will ensure that your cleaning staff don’t run short of essential supplies mid-way the cleaning process.

Clear floor drains

The commercial kitchen floor is prone to regular spills during cleaning the dishes and other tasks that require washing. Therefore, drains are usually fitted to clear away any water on the floor. However, the drains might get clogged by food scraps and other debris. So, part of the cleaning process requires clearing the drains to ensure that they are unobstructed and working properly. Keeping the drains clear allows water on the kitchen floor to drain away.

Sanitize the kitchen floor

Commercial kitchen floors are usually made with ceramic or quarry. However, your floor needs sealing with anti-slip coating. This limits the chances of slipping a d falling during hectic moments in the kitchen. Additionally, the anti-slip offers effective sanitation by allowing spilled water to flow easily into the floor drains.

Equally important is the need to regularly cleaning food processing equipment after floor maintenance. With this, floor debris and soils are less likely to end up in the utensils. By the time the workers get to clean the food preparation equipment and appliances, the floor is clean. It limits any debris and dust that might end up into already clean utensils.

Proper maintenance of cleaning equipment

Items including buckets, mops, and cleaning chemicals are essential for the cleaning process. Therefore, ensure to keep them on the shelves or on racks. This ensures that you can always reach for them when the time for cleaning the kitchen comes. Avoid placing cleaning equipment on the ground where they are likely to pick up food scraps, debris, and dust. These might make your cleaning equipment ineffective. Appropriate maintenance of cleaning equipment is a very import aspect of cleaning your kitchen.

Invest in special cleaning equipment

Buffer is handy for use at least once every week to clean your commercial kitchen floor. You can as well use it regularly according to your cleaning schedule. Buffer loosens grease and soil stuck on the kitchen floor. It allows effective cleaning, especially when using a scrubbing pad with a 17 to 20-inch floor machine. Sometimes, a smaller machine easily maneuvers around all nooks and crannies in the kitchen than a larger one. The rule of thumb is to go for a machine that will give the best cleaning results in your kitchen.

Use skilled trainers

It pays to have skilled and experienced people to handle cleaning tasks in your commercial kitchen. These should have appropriate expertise in handling cleaning equipment and chemicals. Equally important is the need for the cleaners to be fully aware of the importance of a super clean kitchen space. The cleaners should also a clear understanding of the appropriate cleaning equipment and supplies for each particular task.

Wrapping up

Cleanliness is an important virtue in the food service business, especially in the kitchen. Maintaining a clean kitchen ensures that you give customers tasty and safe food that won’t make them sick. Additionally, a clean kitchen ensures that your establishment passes food safety standards when the health inspector comes. This saves your establishment from reputational damage and fines for non-compliance.

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