As per a survey by the CDC in 2015, above 47% of American homes used cellular phones only. The population — specifically those age group ranging between 25 – 34 are discarding their landlines. Nevertheless, that doesn’t validate you have to follow this trend. In these times, where there are uncountable alternates to using a landline. With the tremendous elevation of internet-based video and voice callings, the mobile phone companies also promise smooth calling experiences and full coverage. Countless apps for voice and video calling, all of them require the internet to function. I still have my landline phone for all the right reasons and I don’t regret paying its bill. I have got some reasons why you still need a landline in this cellphone world:

1. Emergency Use

During unpredictable or disastrous situation, where cellphone coverage or battery may deceive you at the eleventh hour. If you dial an emergency services’ number like 911; they can immediately determine your exact landline location more effortlessly if you are calling from a mobile phone, comparatively. Home security systems are directly linked with landlines which informs the connected operator if anything occurs; as mobile phone location is not accurate usually and might not be traced hence not reliable for such crucial situations.

2. Unrestricted Calls

Landline gives you the facility to enjoy local calls for indefinite time, contrasting to mobile phone users who habitually have to bear the burden about time-limiting calls in order to stay within the budget of their selected phone plan. You are not restricted while talking to a friend or family members. Mostly or almost of all the phone connection providers give free unlimited minutes locally which comes as a wonderful advantage.

3. Interruption Free

Unlike cellphones connections’ unstable reception, battery issues, limited data, and restricted minutes - there are as such no performance standard assurances with mobile phones, however, landlines promise around 97–98 percent reliability with stability. On top of that, owning a landline connection gives you the capability to connect fax machines and house alarm systems, if you require.

4. More Coverage

There are consumers who might also wish to keep their landline in case the mobile coverage in their area is unpredictable. Spectrum phone service is also one of those providers who claim to deliver service to 99 percent of the population, however, that estimate may be hard to confirm. You can see more details by follow this site. Hence, I bank on the point that you do not require network or internet connection for calling another landline number in this whole wide world.

5. Open Connection

Many of us are trapped in an expensive contract based while buying cell phone connections which makes us bound for no apparent reasons. Landlines give us freedom and relief as it offers an open connection, you can discontinue using it whenever you would want to. Indeed, once you think you do not need it, you can always discontinue the services without having to worry and since most of us connect with our friends through cell-phone. Plus, for most of us, the landline phone is our backup phone which is why we do not really need to send out a message to everyone in our phone book. So, they can update our new number or delete the previous number for reaching out to us.

6. User-Friendly

Cellphones, irrespective of the fact how tech-savvy you are or how much the cell phone brand claims it to be user-friendly can never be as easy-to-use as landlines. It saves you from the unnecessary stress as well as draining your energy while teaching your kids or someone old who is oblivious of basic tech use like dialing the right number or receiving the call – landline is for you!

I came up with these alleged reasons because I am enjoying my landline experience and I thought it might help someone with these wonderful not-so-talked-about benefits.

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A Digital Marketer who loves to play with Data and Analytics. I do and love establishing businesses online through digital marketing.