Cars are a considerable investment, and everyone wants their car to keep cruising the road smoothly for as long as possible. There are many factors that determine the lifetime of the car. Some people can make decade old cars, look new and run effortlessly, while some people can't keep new cars in good condition. It all comes down to maintenance and the way you use the car. Today, we are going to tell you some amazing tips that you should follow if you want your car to stay running effortlessly for a long time.

Protect the car from extreme heat

 extreme heat

One of the major elements that contribute to internal wear and tear in cars is extreme weather conditions. If you want your car to last for a long while and you live in an area with extreme temperature, you will need to take certain precautions.

In extreme heat, the car gets hot quicker, and the cooling system and radiator of the car have to work overtime to keep the car running smoothly. You should remember to change your radiator filters regularly if you live in a hot area so that there is no hindrance for the radiator while keeping the car cool. Also, you should not over-rev your car and keep it running for a long time, if you’re stuck in traffic, turn the engine off for a while. The heat also affects the tires of your car. Make sure your tires always have the proper pressure because tires deflate quicker in the summer. Also if your tires aren't in good condition, then you can experience blowouts on the super-hot roads.

Protect your car from rough winters

In the winter, there is a whole other set of problems that have to be faced. You should park your car indoors to keep it safe from ice and snow, and if you can't, at least invest in a snow cover. If you live in a super cold area, then you should consider investing in a block heater. A block heater can help you heat up your car quickly to save time and avoid some serious damage. If your car gets stuck in the snow, don't start rocking it back and forth to get it out. This can damage the car. Keep some wooden planks in your trunk and place them under your tires to get out easily.

You should also get some led headlamps for your car in the winter to improve your visibility when it is snowing or foggy. Check out the t10 led bulbs, which are great for increasing visibility. 

Follow these tips to keep your car safe from extreme weather conditions 

Maintain your car regularly

Regular maintenance is also essential for a well-functioning and long-lasting car. You should do some simple maintenance tasks at home, and take the car to the mechanic for a more detailed checkup once every couple of months or so. Remember to check all the fluids of the car, such as the engine oil, brake oil and coolant regularly and replace them when required. You should also wash and wax your car regularly to keep its exterior safe.

Proper maintenance can help you find small problems and get them fixed before they can turn into more damaging and significantly more expensive problems. Maintenance is the most important task if you want to keep your car running for a super long time.

Don't drive the car roughly

 car roughly

Of Course, if you want your car to last for a long time, you can't be driving it roughly and rashly. Rough driving leads to more damage and breaks, which means more repairs and a car can only take so much. Rough driving puts your life, the life of others and the longevity of your car at risk.

Don't drive the car fast and make sure that you don't take the car to any of its extreme positions. This means no over-revving the car, no rough shifting, no racing and no harsh braking. Follow the rules of the road, because they are made for your safety and the safety of others. Also remember to follow the instructions of the manufacturers during the break-in period if you have got a new car. When you get a new car, there are still tiny imperfections in the engine due to the machining, when your engine runs smoothly, while changing the oil frequently these imperfections are evened out. 

Get a good insurance policy

If you want your car to last for a long time, then you should get a good insurance policy for your car. If you’re ever in an accident, you shall be confident that your insurance will get your car repaired from a respected and trustworthy mechanic. You should be sure that the insurance will pay for the best quality parts for the repair of your car. A good insurance policy is essential for a long-lasting car. 

thing you put in the car

Be careful about the thing you put in the car

If you want your car to stay running smoothly, you can't just keep putting low-quality elements in your car. You should only go for good quality engine oils and fuel. Remember to always get your fuel from a reputable gas station, which has a satisfactory filtration system. Most of the small gas stations don't change their filters as frequently as they should, which results in the dirt getting into your fuel tank and engine and damaging the car from the inside.

Also if you see the gas station getting fresh fuel from a tanker, don't get fuel from there for a while. When the new fuel is added to the tanks of the gas station, dirt from the bottom gets mixed in the fuel.

 Give it a little time to settle down before you refuel your car.

If you ever install some new parts in your car, you should make sure that they are of high quality. You should be very critical about the fuel, oil and parts you put in your car if you want it to last for a long time

If you know of any hacks that can make your cars last longer feel free to mention in the comments below.

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