Wooden Watch

The popularity of wooden watches is taking new heights at a rapid pace. Nothing can beat the beauty of a nicely carved wooden watch. However, if you want to keep your wooden watch new for many years then you have to give it special care.

Carefully and beautifully engraved wooden watches add a unique style statement to any look. So, if you want to flaunt a classy look then a wooden watch is a must-have.

Follow these best tips to extend the life of your valuable wooden watch.

1. Keep it Away from Water

You have to keep your wooden watch away from direct contact with water as wood is an organic material. If you want to clean it then use olive oil and lemon extract on a cloth and then clean with that. Make sure not to wet the wood as it can lead to the change of shape.

2. Use Protective Oils

You have to keep your wooden watch moisturized but natural oils can do the work properly. Therefore, you have to use protective oils to give your watch that varnished and exquisite shine. There are both glossy and matte look products in the market for watches.

3. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Exposing your wooden watch to the direct sunlight can lead to crack in the wood and discoloration also. Therefore, you should try to keep the watch in the natural environment and it will maintain its natural look. Plus, do not keep it always enclosed in a box. Direct sunlight is harmful to the wood and it will quickly deteriorate the quality by making cracks of sleek lines. Those sleek lines will quickly widen up with time.

4. Clean Regularly

Wooden watches capture dirt very quickly because of the crevices and small gaps. Therefore, you have to clean your wooden watch regularly. Use a soft cloth to clean the minimal dirt. Proper regular cleaning is also necessary that you can do with olive oil and lemon juice. Simply dip a soft cloth in the mixture of both and then clean the watch with a cloth. Then use a dry cotton cloth to clean the residues.

5. Store Properly

The safe storage of the watch is also very important. Enclose it properly in a protective cover to keep it safe from scratches and cracks. Use a clean and wooden box to store it. Proper storage of the watch will make sure that nothing can harm its quality. Then it will look like new for many years to come.

On the Ending Note

Buy engraved wooden watches from a well-recognized and reliable watch brand. Many brands sell wooden watches, so choose the best one by comparing all.