Mattress Shopping

Whether it's your first time purchasing with your new lifelong partner or entering adulthood and having to live on your own, finding a bed to sleep in is one of the first things you should consider.

You spend a significant amount of time lying in bed, so you might as well find a good quality one to lie in.

With that said, nobody really tells you how to go buy a mattress. What do you do and how do you do it?

To help you with your mattress dilemma, here are tips on how to get the best mattress to sleep in. 

Set a Budget

How much is your budget? Pretty much with every expense, it can be costly to buy a mattress.

Fret not, as a lot of mattress stores and companies offer financing options to buyers. Many companies and stores allow you to pay over a period of months in installments which can make the price more manageable.

Always remember what price is reasonable given your other expenses and what's comfortable to spend on each payment.

However, paying in full is less hassle since you won't have to mark dates on your calendar to keep up with monthly payments.

Stick with the budget you set out for. It can be tempting to buy something luxurious or be swept away by new things you didn't know mattresses can be capable of.

Make note of the important things you should consider when buying a new mattress:

  • Would you be needing a bed frame?
  • Does the price include the fees and sales tax?
  • If it's going to be delivered, will the company cover the shipping?
Like with many good things in life, mattresses can be likened to an investment that you would probably want to see well into the future.

And don't forget that what you can save makes a difference when it comes down to quality. 

Find the right mattress size

Remember sleeping in your old dad's king-sized bed and waking up to your older sister and brother snoring and the family dog licking your feet? It was a happy time and you always remember and wonder how everyone managed to fit in the bed.

You have to consider the sort of lifestyle you now have. Getting a new mattress doesn't mean getting the same one exactly as before.

Times may have changed, your kids have families of their own and you got a new dog or even a cat. So, downsizing your mattress can save you a lot of space and cash.

Or maybe you're about to start your own Sunday morning with a significant other, time to get something bigger to fit both of you. 

Wait for a Holiday Sale

If iPhones, laptops, sweaters and bikinis, tech, and fashion companies can boast lower prices during the holidays, then mattresses can most definitely can.

Holidays, like Memorial Day and Black Friday, are huge when it comes to getting a good deal or discount regardless if you are making a purchase in the store or online. There are also sites that have Tuft and Needle Coupons that offer 30% discount for their mattress.

Normally you'll be only getting a discount of $20 on a regular sale.

The major holidays are always the best time to get coupon codes, bundles, and deals. If you can hold off until the next big holiday, you can surely save more than what you've stashed away for.

Test it Out

Lie in it for at least 10 to 15 minutes to get a good feel if it is for you. Don't let the salesperson assisting you or even the family who are browsing beds while staring at you bother your solitude. It might just be your first big purchase and step towards your own life.
Try not to get a mattress that’s too soft as it can be bad for your back and not too firm because it will be uncomfortable for you. Going right in the middle is the key.

Protect the Mattress

Some companies offer protection or even call it insurance for mattresses. It might not be worth it but it will somehow be offered and it is for a reason.

Normal wear and tear over time can damage the quality of your new mattress ‒ also coffee spills, stains, and other grime can diminish its quality.

You can buy a mattress cover to protect it from the mentioned dangers. In fact, there are many options when getting a cover. The best choice, however, is that it should be able to repel dust, moisture, as well as have antimicrobial protection so it can be for long use.

Ideally, aside from the protection the cover offers, it shouldn't detract from the features.

And there you have it! After taking all of these tips into consideration you can finally sleep in a bed that you feel at home without breaking the bank.

Make sure that you consider your choice carefully. Even though a new mattress isn’t something like a new house or a new car purchase, it’s still something that you’ll be using for quite some time. So, careful consideration is a must.