Living Space Safe And Comfortable For Elders
Limited strength and mobility are some of the major concerns for elders, which is why a well-organized and safe living space is crucial to make life easier for them. After all, home is where the heart is!

Besides making a few modifications to accommodate assets like walkers better, some easy decluttering and organizing steps can ensure your loved ones living conveniently.

A cluttered home, on the other side, could invite some severe health risks. For instance, a congested space with too many furniture pieces could pose tripping and falls. Or, slippery bathroom floors can lead to major injuries.

According to stats, falls are the main cause of injuries and deaths among persons aged 65 and above.

Moreover, a cluttered living space would be difficult to navigate and create confusions and distractions. So, follow these tips to make your interior clutter-free and accessible for old aged.

Make the Living Space Clutter-Free

Rearrange the clutter in your living space and make it comfortable for the elders to move around without hitting with the objects or knocking over. Pay extra attention to the floors and make sure it is clean and dry for accessible routes within the house. Bring minimal assets in the living room as well as a bedroom to allow free thoroughfare, and that doesn’t heckle the traffic flow in the rest of the space.

A bonus tip: Put small pieces of furniture like ottomans and poufs in some specific areas to provide additional seating without taking enough space.

Watch Out the Bedding Accessories

The first and one of the most important things is to have a higher bed for old aged. Low beds and furniture can make it difficult for elders to sit down and get up independently.

Another great idea to achieve a certain height in beds without buying one is to have a thick and comfortable mattress. A wide range of mattress for every age group is available in Southern California mattress superstores to help you provide a pleasant sleeping experience, and maintain good health. Besides, pay attention to other bedding accessories like cushions, pillows, blankets to ensure your older ones with extra comfort.

Set Up Proper Lightings in Every Corner

Adequate lighting in all parts of your home is essential. It makes easier for the elders find their way around and also reduce the risk of accidents. Whether it is the bedroom, hallways, doorways, or staircase, clear and visible paths is important.

Slip-Resistant Floors in Bathrooms

We can't deny the fact that bathroom floors are one of the highest risk-prone areas that result in falls and slips. Consider slip-resistant floors in bathrooms to make it safer for elders. However, if installing new floors is not feasible at the moment, you can consider installing anti-slip rubber mats.

Make Lounging Spaces Comfortable Too

Most elders love spending time in balconies, where they enjoy their morning tea in the bright sunlight. While rearranging your lounge area, make sure to pick chairs with armrests and backrest for support. Even a sturdy and stable swing can also work great; after all, they are never too old to have fun.


It’s fascinating how much difference incorporating these ideas can create for your elder loved one’s quality of life. A little modification in your home will help your elders enjoy their living safely and independently!