Vaping Is Better Than Smoking

In a world where the number of smoking-related complications and deaths have increased, concerns over what people smoke have been raised. Researchers have carried in-depth research to find the causes and alternatives to this addictive habit. This saw the ban on public smoking and the increase in the uptake of E-cigarettes. 

These battery-powered cigarettes come in the form of vape pens, pods, and anyone looking for their nicotine kick can easily have it more safely. Despite critics that they are not safe, research conducted has proven they are more reliable than conventional smoking. The main reasons that make vaping better than smoking include:

1) Variety of Vapes

When one is looking to smoke a cigarette, you are limited to your favorite brand or favorite flavor since you cannot manufacture your cigarettes. Additionally, you get to stick to their limitations in case they do not figure ways to improve their product. However, with vapes, you can sample as many pods as you want until you settle for the favorite. They come pre-filled or with options to do the refill with your favorite liquid. This allows you to consume your favorite flavor from the favorite pod. 

Similarly, for those seeking a customizable and visually appealing smoking experience, exploring the collection of Diamond Glass bongs opens up a world of options, allowing individuals to choose a bong that suits their preferences in both design and functionality.

You can also make a blend by mixing the liquids and get yourself a personal flavor. Due to the many options available currently, you might have a hard time settling for a favorite vape. They have made it easier by sharing a review of the best pod mods for vaping, and you can take your pick.

2) Fewer Chemicals

E-cigs have been found to contain less tobacco than traditional cigarettes. Most vapes like the premium dual use vaporizer by Davinci do not even contain tobacco at all. They only contain nicotine salt and foe liquid. After lighting a traditional cigarette, a lot of chemical reactions take place to convert the content into smoke you inhale and exhale.

Furthermore, more are also added to hold the contents together and even make them last longer. E-cigarettes, on the other hand, only contain nicotine and flavors. Since nicotine can be preserved in liquid form, minimal additives are needed. Most chemicals found in conventional cigarettes are considered to be carcinogenic, and this increases the chances of getting cancer. The smoke released is also harmful to those around you and the environment; everyone is trying to save by reducing pollution.

3) Vice Hider

Smoking is considered a vice, and many institutions and people advocate against it. However, it might be hard to stop yourself from this addictive vice. To avoid the prying eyes and the condemnations that might follow it, you can conceal your bad habits with vapes. They are smokeless, and hence those around you will not notice a thing.

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Moreover, they lack the stench of tobacco, and you can conduct your conversations without the fear of bad breath. Bad breath can lead to low self-esteem, and when combined with an addiction, it might become much worse. For smokers looking to quit, this can be an ideal option as you get to inhale less tobacco each day. On prohibited spots and places, the vapes come in handy as you do not get spotted or prosecuted for using them.