The issue of where to sell off your skins for real money is settled when you get on the platform. Here you find a platform that is focused on legitimate, advanced and sophisticated trading of csgo skins. The platform has come to ease the burden of gamers who need an avenue for the sales of their skins for real cash.

Now, skinwallet does not only focus on sales of skins for real cash, you also have the added option of trading your skins for other digital goods. Yes, skinwallet indeed has revolutionised the way of counter strike: global offensive skin trading.

So, the question on most people’s minds are, what is skinwallet? The answer is fairly simple, Skinwallet is a new payment method with added revolutionary benefits which gamers can use to purchase game keys, in game products, software with skins obtained, earned, won from steam games. The added advantage of skinwallet is that it offers players an instant pay out service of receiving their cash directly to their PayPal account when they trade their skins. This undoubtedly has removed the challenge of now to monetize your skins from steam games without having your funds not getting to your account.

We all know that owing skins is one of the perks of playing counter strike. Even when we know they are only of cosmetic value within the game, outside of the game, they command some good prices depending on their rarity. Now, you have to be careful not to get scammed by fraudulent and malicious platform who promise to pay you cash for your skins but never do. Well, this is where skinwallet comes in. If you are looking at just steam markets, you would not be paid a dime for your skins. Skinwallet makes up for this deficit.

There is no need to worry about the legitimacy of this platform as they are perfectly legal and safe for you to trade on. A lot of gamers unfortunately are not aware of the fact that you can trade your skins for cash but skinwallet is here to let you know you can. Do you have cases? Cash them out directly to your PayPal account for $.5 to $1, souvenirs for $1 and graffiti for $1, all on skinwallet. The beauty here is, the amount on your transactions are instantly reflected in your PayPal account.

Pricing of your skins is another way by which skinwallet has ensured gamers get the best. The skins which you bring to be sold, will be sold at the average market price. We all know that the prices of skins differ due to the kind of skins, the rarity of the skins, the steam market, amongst other factors. All these combined will help determine how much your skin will be sold for on skinwallet. This way you know you would not be cheated but get not only value for your skins but the correct value for your skins.

Another revolutionary feature of skinwallet is security. The security framework is robust and rests on a player-to-player method that places you in complete control. This is designed through a player-player process that removes the possibility of scams completely. This is just right for you because it places you in control of every deal in your account. You get to decide which skins you want to put up for sale, what and how your money gets to you. There are no issues with loss of money as the Skinwallet guarantees you 100% accuracy in the payment of your funds. So, the decision on which skins to sell and how your funds would be transferred rests solely on you with no interference by skinwallet asides being the platform that makes it possible for your trades to happen.

Another major great move by skinwallet is for gamers is that they offer instant payments solutions to ideal check out platforms like PayPal, bitcoin, Skrill, bank transfers amongst a wide range of other payment solutions. Now, this adds legitimacy to the platforms operations. Not just instant payments alone, but your payment records are kept confidential because no personal data from users is required on the site, your gaming nickname is sufficient for you and you remain anonymous. Even in instances where the value of your skins exceeds the cash you received into your account, Skinwallet automatically transfers the outstanding balance into your account.

There is also the total number of skins which can be sold by a gamer on the platform. Right now, skinwallet offers you the opportunity to sell 100 items in one single transaction. What this means is, if your items exceed 100, you would have to begin a separate transaction for next number of items in excess of 100. Not to worry, the transactions are seamless and easy to carry out.

It is good to note at this point that not all skins are marketable on the site. This happens when the value of the skins is to low, when the skins cannot be transferred to the skinwallet account or when the price of the skin is unstable. What happens is you will not be able to sell your skins on skinwallet.

There is no doubt that skinwallet has changed the game of counter strike: global skin trading. They have offered gamers legitimacy, safety, a platform that takes gaming from just fun to a means of making real money. Skins are no longer just for aesthetic value but have the ability to be monetized. The greatest catch to skinwallet is the ability of automatic receipt of your funds into any of the payment option you use like PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin. Your details are safe on the platform as the major requirement needed on the site is your nickname.

Skinwallet is a legit platform which is safe and there is no reason to fear. Gamers now have a reason to smile and be more earnest in the obtaining of skins as skinwallet is here to change those skins to cash.