Shopify’s POS system is great in itself but that doesn’t mean that you limit the clients you convince to try out the system. You might be thinking that only those retailers who already have an online store setup using Shopify and want to start selling offline are your only potential clients. That’s not the case because there are others who can be your potential clients. In fact, there are other types of retailers you should consider as these business owners might be interested and are likely to choose the Shopify point-of-sale system over others. The following are four types of retailers you might want to consider.

Owner Of A Boutique

One of the best potential clients who can embrace Shopify’s POS system and its benefits is a boutique owner. While a boutique owner might have less number of employees to deal with depending on the size of the boutique, they may be potentially interested in Shopify’s point-of-sale. The reason is that they make their own products and want to sell it easily to their customers. Shopify POS system is known for ease of use and so these owners might understand the potential of Shopify.

There’s another reason why boutique owners can be potential clients. The boutique owners might only have an offline presence at the moment and may want to start selling online. Shopify POS system makes this effortless and you can explain to them why this is the case. These owners can also already be operating an online business and may require the ease of store management which you can explain is possible through Shopify’s POS.

A boutique owner is one of the best types of clients who can benefit from Shopify POS.

Business Owners Of Large Stores

When you have large store owners of physical stores the chances are that they’re either dealing with a high number of employees or they may even be operating many branches. These store owners usually are on the lookout of ways to make an online presence in order to further expand their business. You can tell them about how Shopify POS system can handle business as it expands and how online as well as an offline presence can be easily managed through it.

These owners might want a simple way to manage all their stores using one system and may want to have more control so they can run their business with ease. Shopify POS system can help them do that as store management and managing all aspects of their business is easy.

Sellers In Pop-Up Shops

Sellers In Pop-Up Shops

The owners of pop-up shops are usually those who are already making good money by selling online. However, even if they’re already using Shopify for their online store, they might not be so keen on working with Shopify for their pop-up stores. But you can tell them Shopify POS system hardware can be immensely helpful for selling in pop-up shops. Moreover, it can help them find success just like Kylie’s Cosmetics first pop up store

Kylie checked-out the customers at her pop-up store

Selling offline can be quite lucrative and you want to show these retailers how they can benefit from selling using only one platform; Shopify. The advantage is that they will have all the power they need to manage their online and offline presence which is great. In addition, you can explain how expanding and making an offline presence can be a good move especially since these retailers are doing great online.

Selling offline and online through one platform is advantageous for pop-up shop store owners.

Sellers Who Sell Occasionally

Sellers Who Sell Occasionally

Your potential client might be a casual seller. These types of sellers are those who sell occasionally. They may sell only at trade fairs or at a local market or they may sell their products at special events. How exactly are they your potential clients? The reason is that since they sell every now and then there’s a chance that they may start to grow their business. In order for them to do that they may need a solution that helps them scale with ease.

You can tell them about how Shopify’s POS system is a great option that can help them reach their potential customers with ease. These sellers want a no-fuss solution that can enable them to sell easily and Shopify’s point-of-sale helps them do just that.

You shouldn’t impose restrictions on yourself to try and sell to only those clients who have an online presence through Shopify. This is why expanding your client base and considering those who sell on pop-up shops and boutiques amongst others is a good idea. The benefit is that these retailers can do well with what Shopify POS system has to offer and they will be able to increase sales which can help their business grow.