Hair Transplant

When looking into hair transplants there are a number of elements to consider such as price, style of the procedure and the medical physician that you choose, but there are also a number of questions that you may need answering. In this article, we hope to answer some of these, allowing you to undergo the procedure known exactly what to expect.

Is It Painful?

When looking at any cosmetic surgery, one of the most asked questions is whether or not it is painful, and this is unfortunately quite subjective as it depends on your pain fresh hold. With a number of treatments to suit every hair type, the procedure is not painful and will be completed in just a few hours. Though there may be a slight pinch during the procedure you will feel no pain and have amazing results following the healing process.

Is It Costly?

Another commonly asked question when looking into hair transplants and other cosmetic procedures is the cost. The cost for a procedure such as this is completely dependant on the company that you use as well as the location. Many people opt for hair transplants abroad as the price is significantly cheaper than going privately in the UK, this is commonly known as medical tourism. With Longevita hair transplant in Turkey and a number of other facilities offering outstanding results with their cosmetic surgery, it is no surprise that medical tourism has become a popular way of avoiding large medical bills.

Different Types Of Hair Transplant

It is also important to note that there are a couple of different hair transplant procedures to suit your style of hair as well as the style of hair loss that you will be experiencing. Though this will be explained to you when booking, it is beneficial to know about this beforehand.


An FUE hair transplant is conducted by removing the hair follicle from the donor area with a 1mm hole and placing this into the effective area. This is completed in individual grafts and provides natural-looking results when it is fully healed. These 1mm holes will begin to heal after just a few days with growth beginning to show physical signs and 6 months later you will the healthy hair growth results that you wanted.


A FUT hair transplant is slightly different from an FUE hair transplant as this involves removing a donor area of skin with the hair and the follicle from the back of the head. The hair is then taken out of this donor area and placed where needed to increase growth. Though this is a more invasive way to undergo a hair transplant, this is a technique that is commonly used for women as the long hair can hide the donor area until it is fully healed. In addition to this, there is no disruption to the rest of the head allowing you to keep your hair looking healthy as the donor area heals.

Is There Any Side Effects?

Yes, there are side effects when it comes to undergoing a hair transplant such as scaring, however, this is nothing to worry about, all side effects and risks will be spoken through beforehand and included in written form with customer service on hand at all times to answer your questions, you can be sure that you are fully aware of every aspect before opting for the procedure.

Whether you are looking to have a hair transplant in the near future, or you are looking like part of a future plan a hair transplant is a perfect way to restore hair growth and keep you looking and feeling great.