Wedding Gift Registry

Wedding are an occassion of joy. A wedding unites two people, post which the couple starts their new lives with each other in their own home. As the couple goes on to start their new lives people shower them with different gifts. At the time of a wedding, guests get gifts for the bride and groom and many times the gift that guests bring are useless or repeated by many. This often becomes a problem for the bride and groom, as these gifts have no use for them. We have the perfect solution for this problem — the wedding gift registry.

The wedding gift registry is a service that is provided by websites or retail stores where the bride and groom choose the gifts they would like to receive at their wedding. This list is then shared with guests, who can choose what they like and buy or contribute towards it. These sites are becoming very popular in India these days. Indian guests are known to recycle, resulting in a never-ending chain of regifting, making this service especially useful in India.

How Wedding Gift Registry Sites Work

Wedding gift registry websites are really easy to use and the couple can sign up for free and add the gifts they would like to receive on their wedding. They also have the option of integrating this list with a website that has all relevant information for the guests. Once they share this URL with guests, they can buy or contribute towards any gift. Each time a gift is bought, it is marked as purchased so no other guest buys the same thing.

The Benefits Of These Sites

These sites are very beneficial because they minimize wastage of gifts. It also ensures that the couple only gets the gift that they need and will cherish. It saves the couple considerable money and time on one hand, but is also very helpful for the guests. They don’t have to go hunting for the right gift, and instead can easily look up on the wishlist and pick up an item according to their budget and buy it for the couple. These registries are very efficient and time-saving.

The advent of these sites has proven to be a boon for bride and grooms. They do not have to worry about unwanted gifts or duplicate gifts anymore. They would now only get the gifts that they desire. Not only the bride and groom can be worry-free but the guests can also stop worrying because now they do not have to spend hours looking for gifts for the couple. The wedding gift registry has proven to be a blessing for both the guests and the bride and groom.