Biggest Premier League

If you’ve seen anything from last season’s Premier League, then you’re probably pretty excited about this one. Last year, Liverpool and Manchester City gave us one of the best and most competitive seasons the competition has ever seen, with City barely edging to win the title in a race that lasted until the final match. If this year is anything like the last, then football lovers worldwide are in for another wild ride with nail-biting games and gripping performances that are sure to entertain us all. 

More viewers than ever

Liverpool is coming off a Champions League win and is a contender for this year’s League title. They’ll be looking to make up for a disappointing season that saw them lose several points lead to City, who eventually won the title. On the other hand, Guardiola's team has had the most dominant season in English football history, winning all local championships and only losing the Champions League throughout the entire season, falling to rival English team Tottenham. Pep’s team is well-rested with a couple of new deals to help them retain the title for the third year in a row, a feat only accomplished by Manchester United twice, the last of which was 10 years ago. No wonder these many people will be anxiously watching the League this year! This season is expected to have higher viewing numbers than ever recorded in Premier League history, with millions to protect what will be a thrilling race to the most coveted title in English football.

How to watch the matches

With a gripping season ahead, you definitely won’t want to miss any of the matches. The big ones have already started from matchday one, and plenty more will come along the way. To watch all the big games in the UK, you need to find out what channel the game is on because there will be plenty of games showing on different media throughout the day. Fortunately, most major sports channels like Sky Sports have apps you can download on your device and watch from anywhere. Naturally, your best option would be live streaming from your mobile or tablet because you can watch the matches wherever you go and anytime you want.

sports streaming app

One more thing you need to do, though, is to keep a schedule of all the available matches, so you don’t get confused as to what is being played and when. There are plenty of ways to keep a schedule of games you can watch in the UK, but you just need to download some apps or bookmark certain websites that will keep you posted whenever new games are added.

It’s going to be one hell of a season, and it’d be a shame if you missed out on the fierce competition it’s shaping up. So, always keep a schedule and a sports streaming app on you because they will come in handy.