youngest child of the family

Being the youngest among all in the family has its own privileges. They are mostly pampered and get away with anything and everything they do. The elders are always there to protect them from any odds. Money could never be a problem too.! Easy to extract from all the earning members. They get all the special attention along with the mocking part to be an all-time favorite of all. And the most important thing is the time by they grow all the restrictions followed by their siblings are either vanished or toned down. These are the perks making their life easier and happier, no doubt.! The younger ones are the only ones to understand the pitfalls of this deal. Before thinking that the youngsters get it all, let's highlight a few points that it's not always the rainbow and the sunshine.

You always remain a kid for others

No matter how much is your age. May it be 20,30 or even 40. You will still be the same for all the other elderly family members. They can never imagine you to be grown up and that you can take care of yourself. They remain concerned about your security and safety, and it mostly irritates when it comes to late night parties or movies. They keep on telling you about your childhood stories. About how naughty and innocent you used to be. So no matter what your age is, your entire life boils to the fact that you can never be an adult and will always be sweet kiddo!

You will always feel insulted

Your elder siblings leave no chance or scope to insult you in front of your friends calling you with weird nicknames. Your siblings are sure to create embarrassing situations in front of them (don’t even bother about your girlfriend or boyfriend). You can never expect “respect” from them and you long for the day when you will get respect from them. When will they treat you like a matured member of the family? And if you unintentionally address to their comments you will be tagged for being rude and disrespectful to elders. Accept it – it's unfair, sometimes.!

When everything goes wrong

It's now like a rule that if something goes wrong – maybe its broken crockery, misplaced gadgets, missing things, the youngest has to be blamed for it. And the elders take them as a guard to save themselves. Not to mention, all elders consider the younger ones to be careless and irresponsible and you can also apply for Child Psychologist jobs to get more knowledge of this field.

What about clothes and books?

The young ones are always been asked to wear their sibling’s “used” school blazer every next year, Never get to buy a new one for them! Same applies to books and toys. Are they allowed to think of the latest fashion and trends! Their own likings and all? The young ones can only feel the pain of using the books that looks no longer interesting and toys that have already been toyed by their siblings.

School identities

School identities

Not only the youngers face struggles at home. They have their own set of challenges set in the school. They are always remembered and compared to their elder siblings. Most of them hear the appreciation of their elder one at the school from their teachers. And always referred to as someone's younger brother and sister losing their own identity. In fact, most of the teacher remember by their sibling’s face forgetting their own existence.