What may happen if you get free Wi-Fi at your home? Surely it is news of feeling happy because you can use free Wi-Fi unlimited and pay no money. Free Wi-Fi is a system to look for open access from the network and everyone tries this way where. Somehow Wi-Fi access may be available if nearest Wi-Fi internet provider where you may get sudden access to the internet.

However, it is also so easy way on how to get Wi-Fi at home for free and open Wi-Fi hotspots where you can have access to databases of Wi-Fi access points. Surely you can connect with the hotspot which will make sure your connection.

Ask for Free Connection from Your Friend

When you are in need of free Wi-Fi access, you may be connected with your friends’ data. Your friend has an option from their android phone to share data with you. In this way, you are getting data and use the internet so easily.

Get free connection from your internet provider

Locally you have a broadband connection through which you are using the internet. It is really maybe unknown information that this internet provider has free Wi-Fi in the city where you are living. You may request to get access to their public internet. Surely they will offer you to get connected as you are their clients.

Public Places

It is easy to find a public place internet which is completely free. When you are traveling by bus, you may ask for the internet access, you may see the open password of the Wi-Fi at café, car washes, shopping center, and libraries.

Getting neighbor’s internet

To get this free internet, you must have a good relation to your neighbor. Though you may have to pay the amount is very little because this is shared internet.

Use antenna which can get signal

  • This is a system to use antenna through which you can connect with the internet. This is a type of powerful Wi-Fi adapter that gets signal and you must use a powerful antenna to make it possible.
  • However, you have to go on some instruction to avail this system with an antenna to get free internet
  • The antenna should be able to work in client mode and built-in ability can be best to receive free internet via Wi-Fi.
  • Should have a powerful output to connect the separate antenna and it is important to get signal from a distance place.

TP-Link Pharos CPE510 can be used as a powerful antenna that can take the connection from an external one. However, you can set up it so easily like

  • Connect the point to a computer or router
  • Set it up so that it can find free Wi-Fi

This system is possible where there is free Wi-Fi hotspot which can be in the line of sight. As you are using free Wi-Fi, in the place of a famous restaurant where this system is applicable to get a Wi-Fi connection. Additionally, some phone service company or online service may provide free hotspot in your location.

However, you may not know the free internet distribution company but you are not getting any free connection it does not matter because the antenna is one of the most powerful ways to get many networks in your location. So you can just set up the TP-Link to your computer and try to seek for local area connection.

When it is going to be a local area connection, you need to get an IP address as a gateway. What the TP-link Pharos has setting is

  • IP -
  • Mask-
  • GatewaY-

After that, you need to go admin panel and type in the browser the IP address of the access point and login and password are also required in this area.

Client-the point can be received via Wi-Fi and distributed the signal via cable. This is perfect when you want to get free internet on your computer

Repeater-receiver and transmission will be carried out wirelessly and distribute the internet to all mobile and your other devices.

The next step is you have to select the network in which you want to connect. For closed network, you will get SSID and password from it. To get it, you have to click on the survey for the available network. Then you will get a list of the network which is open for everyone. So you have to connect by clicking. In this case, you may need to reboot to start the hotspot.