Siding is an excellent method to elevate your home design. There are many types of sidings to select from today. Whatever you choose, you must consider a few requirements, such as quality, durability, water, heat resistance, and the convenience of installation.

Choosing the suitable siding material from a reputed Siding Company goes a long way in protecting your home. However, today, siding is not just installed for its protective features but is chosen to make the home stand out. The right exterior siding, like Trespa Pura siding materials, can enhance the beauty of your home.

These are a few options to consider:

Stucco Siding

Due to its reasonable pricing, stucco is used in many different ways. One advantage of stucco is its numerous recipes. Because of the material's versatility, it can be used as a siding option. A typical stucco mix consists of cement and sand.

The strength and consistency of this mixture can be modified, which makes it suitable for a wide variety of architectural styles.

Vinyl Siding

Despite its reasonably recent introduction in the sixties, vinyl has quickly become North America's most used material for siding options. Such prevalence is due to its cost, wide application, and cheap maintenance value.

It also comes in a wide array of colors. Some of the vinyl siding profiles include shingles, shakes, and panels. It is also very cheap and easy to install and usually comes with a lifetime warranty.

Engineered Wood Siding

The engineered wood sidings from Trespa (70% obtained from natural forest sources) are great options. It consists of wood clippings and sawdust with a binding adhesive. Engineered wood has a wide variety of siding options.

Pre-fabricated selections do not need weatherproofing or any painting. The installation is easy, and the planks can be cut conveniently without any hassles.

Because of its aesthetic value, the material can be used in other parts of your home, such as the fascias or dormers. A typical siding of this type is guaranteed to last 10 years without any loss in luster or color. It is akin to solid wood siding, minus the imperfections.

Stone Siding

Stone is one of the most durable siding materials. It comes in a wide variety, such as limestone, granite, and marble. Most stone sidings are highly resistant to weather damage.

Although the price of stone siding is substantially higher, its advantages are for a lifetime. Due to the difficulty of working with stone, it is advisable to seek the help of a professional during installation. What stands stone siding apart from its peers is its long-term value.

A typical exterior siding made from stone will retain its elegance for at least 20 years.

Metal Siding

Metal siding comes in different forms. Steel has water-resistant properties, while aluminum is lightweight and affordable. No matter the metal, zinc, copper, aluminum, or steel.

The malleability of metal ensures it can always be shaped to meet your siding options. Although the color of the metal may change due to weather conditions, you can expect the integrity of this exterior siding to last a long time.


There are many other siding options on the market, but these are the top exterior sidings to protect and enhance the value of your home.