Surface Web Vs Deep Web Vs Dark Web

You should imagine the web as an ocean and surface web is the easiest part or top of the ocean to “access” or see; the deep web is the ocean deepest part under the surface; the dark web is the ocean bottom, a place which can be accessible only with the help of the special technologies. There are lots of confusion among the people regarding the differences exists between the surface web, Deep web and the Dark web. This article would help in clearing out all the doubts and confusion relating to these types of webs. 

Surface Web

It has been part of the WWW (World Wide Web) since the invention of the first browser in the year 1990 T.M Less. It is the only part of the web with which you are mostly familiar. It is anything which would be discovered through your web browser by using the famous search engines like yahoo and Google. You always use it at the time of reading the news, purchasing something on online sites, or any favourite sites of yours. It is the web area which is totally under constant surveillance by the governments all around the world. It is a 5 percent of the Internet and deep web is almost the 90 percent of the Internet.

There is a possibility of little illegal activities on the surface web but on the dark web, the possibility is very high. In the surface web, your IP address can be easily traced by the security intelligence but it is not possible on the dark web. 

Deep Web

At the time of starting, deep web was also a web part, and in short words it is completely opposite of the surface web. The surface web information can be indexed easily but the deep web cannot be indexed. It is anything which your search engine is not able to find. Both can be accessible by the public but they just need different methods to access them. It is a set of log in details or a specific password encrypted.

You should understand that the deep web contains all our financial records, medical records, plenty of other vital information and social media files we want and need to keep safe. If you want to enable your users to access the unsecured information, then TOR web browser would be the best choice for you.

A perfect example is at the time of generating a pin number or enters vital information for accessing your bank accounts online. This type of information is saved and stored on the Deep web and you would be using your details to get the access. Most of the illegal activities also happen on the deep web and you should be very careful and alert while accessing the sites on the deep web for sure.

Kindly note that staying unidentified does not means that you would never fall into trouble. The chance of getting caught is higher if you are ignoring the safety points. Make sure you are getting the complete information on the sites and links which you are visiting. You have no idea how any wrong information or link can put you in big trouble. 

Dark Web

The dark web and Deep web both are related to each other in many aspects. The dark web is a part of the Deep web but there is a difference exists. The dark web has been inaccessible to the normal web browsers and intentionally hidden. It is restricted to the special browsers only and you would not be able to access the dark web on your ordinary search browsers. For accessing the dark web links, you should special browser like Tor browser only which can help you in many ways.

It is not indexed for search engines and whatever you do on the dark web, it would be always hidden. Due to this hidden nature, many criminal activities and illegal activities get conducted online. Illegal products are high in demand on the dark web and you can find many seller selling drugs online to the people worldwide. It is really unmeasurable due to its nature.

All those industries which are operating over the dark web are called as Darknet markets. It would include selling of the illegal products, to stay hidden from law enforcement agencies and governments. This type of web is mostly famous in the black markets and only criminals prefer it more for conducting their illegal activities. You can find most dark websites which are not accessible via normal search engines. They would be accessible only if you are completely aware of the sites addresses.

You would probably never come across the dark web, but make sure that you are keeping your data safe and your antivirus software is working fine while accessing the web. If you are following links which do not look safe, then please ignore it. 

Over to You

At last, you are very much aware of the surface web, deep web and dark web now. You must access these webs by taking into consideration all the vital points.