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This year is filled with major blockbuster releases including The Lion King and the much anticipated IT Chapter Two. Any movie buff should look forward to watching these and much more. However, watching all your favorite movies at Alamo Drafthouse requires having a substantial budget. With Friday to Sunday movie tickets costing $13.50 for 3D, it is a great idea to find a way to save. Luckily, we are going to share some handy tips you can use to cut back on movie expenses without giving up your seat.

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Sign up for the rewards loyalty program

Alamo Drafthouse is a popular theater chain with about 30 locations across the country including its primary home in the state of Texas. The rapidly expanding cinema chain is a favorite location for watching all the latest blockbusters. This cinema has a movie app with Alamo Victory as its loyalty program. This offers e-tickets for members to watch about three free movies annually. Additionally, you can as well accumulate Victory Rewards to access three free movies including one on their birthday, events, food, and special screenings through the program.

Additionally, the Alamo Victory program allows members to earn rewards such as:

  • Discounts on menu items
  • Invitations to free surprise screenings
  • Access to movie tickets before anyone else

The program works by allowing you to earn a credit for each showtime including time, day, and movie regardless of the number of tickets purchased. This program has five rank levels including Citizen for less than 4 visits annually, Fighter for 5 to 8 visits, Captain for 9 to 12 visits, Commandant for 13 to 49 visits, and Top Brass for more than 50 visits.

Use coupon codes

Another idea to watch movies cheaply is to get looking for Alamo Drafthouse coupons . You can find these online with a chance to watch movies discounted from 15 percent to 80 percent. A reliable deals website usually has updates on all deals and coupon codes to give you an opportunity to save money on your movie ticket at Alamo Drafthouse. The trick is to bookmark the site or to sign up for the site to receive exclusive deals directly in your email. 

Earn united miles

You can boost your United Airlines mileage with an option to earn about five bonus miles for each dollar spent when you use the United MileagePlus X app to purchase tickets at the Alamo Drafthouse. Using a United credit card like the United Explorer Card will also earn you a bonus. Using the app might earn you about 6.25x dollar. This will not affect your regular earning rate on a card of your choice.

Specialty programming

Alamo Drafthouse Signature Series offers specialty programming with discounted movie ticket prices. The Kids Camp is part of their specialty programming offering an affordable solution for the whole family to watch great movies during holiday breaks. The ticket prices range from $1 to $5 with an option to buy your tickets online when reserving seats for your family in advance.

Apart from saving you a significant amount, it is a great idea to give back to the community. This is because 100 percent of ticket sales go to local nonprofits to make the community better. Screenings for the Kids Camp might be for kids aged above three years or all ages depending on your location. You just have to confirm with your local Alamo Drafthouse policy. Keep in mind that the zero-tolerance to talking and texting policy applies and a noisy family might be asked to leave.

Skip the extras

Buying a movie ticket with all luxury extras adds a significant amount of pennies to the total ticket price. You can save on the movie ticket by foregoing the extras like a luxury seat or recliner. Additionally, you can carry your own 3D glasses to the screening to avoid paying more for the same. Another way to lower the cost of your movie ticket is to switch to off-peak viewing where tickets are not on high demand. There is a high chance of finding the ticket price much lower.

Other discounts

Finally, you can as well save on your Alamo Drafthouse movie ticket when you opt for an afternoon viewing or matinee movie. Buying tickets for a matinee show at the theater is a wonderful idea to lower the cost of your movie ticket. Additionally, you can as well lower your movie ticket price by opting for an evening showtime package.

Bottom line

Watching movies is a great form of entertainment for the whole family. It is also a moment to spend a wonderful time with loved ones and to wind down after a hectic day. The Alamo Drafthouse is a popular movie theater chain with various screenings for everyone. Fortunately, you can use the tips above to lower the cost of your movie tickets at this cinema.

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