Wedding Trends

While a wedding is about celebrating the love of two people, it has a reputation for being more about the bride than the groom. Some grooms may be more than happy to let their fiancé make the majority of wedding decisions, but others like to have more say in their wedding. These grooms may be interested in the new trends in groom wedding attire and ring fashion:

A More Casual Style

Forget the fancy suit and try the latest trend of a more casual, laid-back look in groom fashion. Some men never wear suits and don’t need to splurge on a case they will likely only wear once. For this reason, it makes more sense to opt for a casual and refined look. This alternative to the more traditional route is perfect for outdoor weddings or a wedding with a relaxed feel to it.

A Wedding Band That Stands Out

The majority of men purchase traditional wedding bands in either gold or silver. However, we are seeing some new trends in men’s wedding rings. More men are choosing wedding bands that buck tradition and stand out. For instance, there has been a significant rise in the popularity of meteorite rings made from Gibeon. Another rising trend is the jewelry matching the hobby of their owner. Sports wedding rings represent this idea perfectly.

Add Some Color

The typical black or gray groom attire doesn’t leave much room to highlight your individuality. It is becoming more popular for grooms to choose non-traditional colors for their wedding attire, and the results can be incredibly stylish. Deep jewel-tone colors are particularly dashing for the entire groom’s party. Step up your style and try Marsala, a red-brown hue that looks amazing when done correctly. Have fun with your wedding and choose bold colors that make a statement, and your wedding photos will be spectacular.

Mix and Match

No rule says the groom has to wear the same color as the groomsman. In fact, mixing and matching colors can create the perfect contrast. The bride and her bridesmaids have been able to mix and match styles and colors for a while, but the trend for men has needed to catch on. Take advantage of this trend and allow your groomsmen to show off some of their personalities. While it isn’t recommended that you give them ultimate freedom, you can have them choose their own attire. Mixing and matching colors that pair nicely, such as black, navy, and charcoal, is a great way to mix and match. For a party of five or fewer, you could even create an ombre look by having them wear slightly different shades of the same color.

Go Retro

Vintage-style weddings have been popular for quite some time, and men are entirely on board with this trend. This isn’t surprising, as the 1920s look for men can make them look dapper. Channel your inner Gatsby and find some two-tone shoes to go with your vintage suit. This look is so popular due to the various ways you can play up this theme. Giving your wedding attire an old-fashioned look makes it stand out from other weddings, and it is fun to look back on in photos.

Get Pampered

Who says that it’s only women that get to be pampered? Men are also rewarded with a relaxing day at the spa. A full-body massage will release much tension before your big day, and a manicure will ensure that your hands are clean when slipping on that ring. In fact, going with your soon-to-be spouse is an excellent opportunity to connect during the craziness of the days leading up to your wedding.

Forget Traditions and Pave Your Own Path

Many of the new trends for grooms are to make choices that reflect who they really are. It is a special day for you and your fiancée, and you should be able to celebrate it exactly how you want. Whether this involves returning with a retro look or showcasing your personality through your wedding ring, it is perfectly acceptable to stand out and be completely unique.