foam mattress for children

There is nothing like coming home to a cozy space that feels like home. And there is nothing more comfortable than a bedroom with a soft quilt, fluffy pillows, and a comfortable mattress. The difference between sleeping in a warm and inviting room and just any bed is a night and day difference.

And that analogy couldn't be any more profound. In the daytime, you want something that is firmer, like an office desk, so that you can stay alert and not get too foggy from relaxation. At nighttime, a bed that cradles the body and holds you into place is the beginning of all good dreams. You sleep better and wake up ready to conquer the day because your body had a chance to enter a full repair and rest mode.

Special Considerations for Kids

Yet, there are still some other virtues to consider when you are shopping for a child or adolescent. In the first place, kids at this young age can experience growing pains. If they don't have appropriate support and a cozy spot to sleep in at night, they may wake up feeling grouchy and sore.

Kids also have to deal with the inevitable fact that they will grow out of small beds. Younger kids, in particular, like to sleep in a bed that is specifically sized for a child their age. They live in a world where everything seems like an obstacle and a burden to them because it is designed for full-grown adults.

They also like to have beds that are designed to themes like race cars or princesses. Although some children are fussier than others about where they sleep, helping them to feel loved and comforted by putting a lot of thought into bedroom pieces can go a long way in building strong bonds.

Some believe that buying a weighted blanket for adults is the best way to experiment with getting cozy at night. If adults can sleep deeper and eliminate any restlessness and sleep disturbances, the same is probably true for their children and teens.

Investing in weighted blankets is based on the principle of earthing. Earthing is a real concept that is based on the belief that we feel more relaxed when we have a direct connection to the magnetic core of the earth below our feet.

Earthing and Memory Foam Mattresses

If you want to really step up the comfort level of your beds, you should consider buying a cool memory foam mattress that is infused with copper. Copper is the second-best conductor out there after pure silver.

It is also antimicrobial and an excellent conductor of thermal energy. A mattress that is infused with copper can draw excess heat away from the body and help sleepers to feel a greater level of comfort during hot muggy nights.

In addition, copper-infused beds can also be connected to grounding rods. By connecting the bed to a grounding rod that is grounded into the magnetic earth, the earthing principle of sleeping on the bare earth or walking barefooted can be tapped into.

If you have ever gone tent camping, you will swear that earthing is a real thing. And if you go tent camping enough and sleep in close contact with the earth, you won't ever feel comfortable in an ordinary bed again.


For many millennia, humans have slept in close contact with the earth. They slept under hefty furs that were weighted and almost always slept together in groups to huddle and maintain the heat of each other during cold nights. A weighted blanket and a copper-infused memory foam mattress can help to evoke these primitive drives in our human spirit. We can feel the cradling sensation, the weight of a person and animal hides, and a sense of grounding to the earth and nature once again.