Engagement Ring

People want everything perfect for their wedding! From the best wedding decor, theme, venue, reception to the best wedding dress – they want it all! It is a day when they proclaim their love to the world. It's a day where they take their commitment to another level of lifetime togetherness. Everything about this day has to be unique. And that is the reason why couples today take time to choose and customize their engagement rings. Gone are the days of walking into a jewelry store and determining what a jeweler has to offer. Its 21st century and you can have your wedding ring customized.

Welcome to the world of bespoke engagement ring, that reflects your style and persona. Most people get confused when they hear the term, "bespoke" engagement rings! Simply put, it's the way you want your wedding ring to be. Are you wondering how to go about it? If yes, then you could use the following guidelines:

1. Get inspired

The idea of customizing a bespoke engagement ring is to ensure it looks elusive! You need to move beyond the “generic” wedding ring look. For this, you have to get inspired by a stunning wedding ring design. Do you have your favorite celebrity engagement ring design in mind? Or do you want to choose one from the catalog and add your customizations? Do you want your wedding ring to look similar to a wedding band? Do you want your initials engraved on the wedding ring? You need to ponder on these questions before you opt-in for an online diamond retailer.

2. Check the computerized model

Choose an online jewelry website for purchasing your engagement ring that has the option for a CAD model. It comprises of a tool in the site, which allows you to provide instructions for the wedding ring features. Once you key in the features, you can see the device adding the same to the ring design. It helps you to decipher the actual design and look of the engagement ring, to a great extent. Most jewelry website today has this facility to woo in more customers.

3. The wax model

It is a progressive way of customizing an engagement ring! After a customer is satisfied with the CAD design, service providers create a wax model design of the ring using 3D technologies. It helps you to know the precise look of the engagement ring even better. You can check the minute details and make the necessary changes if you want to.

4. Quality control

It is a crucial step when you are customizing bespoke engagement ring! It helps to take a complete check of the ring quality and design. The clarity, cut, and color gets tested under various light conditions. The ring metal also gets checked so that it has the perfect sheen and longevity. Once, the jeweler is sure that the ring is of high-quality design and aesthetics; it is passed on to the customer.

These are the essential steps that are involved in customizing a bespoke engagement ring! Every online jeweler will have their way of customizing the ring, and it can vary.