Jet boats are as unique as they come and are propelled by jets of water ejected from the rear of the boat. This makes it different from other boats, such as powerboats and motorboats, which rely on external propellers underneath the frame or at the end. However, a jet boat uses the water when it draws it through the intake and via a pump that extends inside the boat. This water is then expelled from a nozzle at the stern.

The jet boat is powerful and versatile;; many can reverse and come to an abrupt stop, even at high speed. This is known as a 'crash stop' because of the nature of the manoeuvre. Further, jet boats have no ceiling regarding size and the engineering capabilities they can be fitted with, although their validity largely depends on what they are used for.

If you're keen on new runabouts, you'll come across many jet boat options. However, the beautiful appeal of the jet boat doesn't mean you shouldn't consider its merits and demerits, as with all kinds of crafts.

When you want to select your jet boat, give genuine thought to how much it costs, and subtract 30% off the amount you're willing to pay. That extra amount comes in handy for any maintenance problems that may occur. Secondly, inspect all boats for leaks before buying. A thorough check for leaks is essential and should be dealt with immediately. If left unchecked, mould will become a big issue to the extent of making your boat unfit to live in.

Those who love jet boats point out the following benefits and advantages:

1  Safety - Jet boats offer more safety than prop-driven boats, especially with enclosed jet pumps. Also, a whirling prop is absent, and there is no bulky hardware that could cause harm to skiers or swimmers. However, knowing there's no propeller down under gives people and parents, in particular, that assurance and eases their safety concerns. The fact is that boating is a safe activity irrespective of the power plant in use.

2. Draft - Any boat with a jet drive has a superior draft advantage over others. A jet's draft is only the depth of the hull on it which is different from a stern drive boat. This feature enables them to thrive in shallow waters without issues. Again, there's less worry about running aground or driving damage in shallow waters.

3. Acceleration - Jet boats are speedsters and can plane at faster rates with slight bow rise. That's why they have a superior visibility advantage since the captain always keeps sight of what is ahead of him because the boat comes on a plane fast. Further, on some propeller-driven boats, a captain or driver can lose a great deal of forward vision lasting between three to four seconds. Other propulsion systems are much slower and can't equal a jet boat. Different propulsion systems are much slower and can't equal a jet boat. Different propulsion systems are much slower and can't equal a jet boat. With an instantaneous throttle response, you'll experience the thrill of acceleration only jet boats can give.

4. Handling - This is a feature of the jet boat others can't match! It's likened to a sports car for the handling experience. Whether you're all grown or not, jets have a ride that sets off our inner teenager. Thanks to the thrust that can be redirected instantly, with the quick and nimble nature of the plane. With one quick jerk and a throttle stab, other boats will be left behind, even by the average jet boat. Again, most jets won't bank as hard as others, thus giving the driver that feeling of control.

5. Freedom - The allure of the sea, coupled with the joy of living civic and cultural expectations, is a thrilling aspect familiar to all generations. You'll have the time to hang out with cool people and go to surreal places that reinvigorate your mind and life.