Rotary Leather Hole Punch

As an individual with the taste for fashion, how would you consider an unwell fitting belt? Sometimes you might find a belt that fits poorly, but it won't be pleasant wearing it. For an individual concerned about his or her appearance, you would not even dare to put on such a belt.

So, more or less as you, a leather worker desires the knowhow to ensure he or she makes impeccably suitable holes for leather products inclusive of shoes and belts. To achieve this, you need to know the use of a rotary leather hole punch. Therefore, I will help you understand how to properly use a rotary leather hole punch to make great holes for your products.


To achieve the desired quality of flawless holes you need a good hole making appliance. Here you are advised to choose a rotary leather hole punch because it can make suitable holes of a smaller diameter without stretching the fabric. Start working on your leather having the following in hand
  • Ruler made of steel
  • A pencil
  • A leather rotary hole punch
  • 12-inch-square fragment of plywood
  • Sewing awl
  • Hammer
  • Compass
  • Drive punch suite

Careful planning is basic

As you are yet to perform a particular task, you need to prepare to give your best to the same task adequately. Planning in this aspect is vital since your aim is to provide quality of service. Therefore, as an artisan, ensure that you lay down every necessary preparation before getting down to work.

During preparations, consider these aspects:

Ensure that you are aware of the position of the holes you want to make on your leather product. This is essential because intervals and spacing make your work as an artisan more beautiful and attractive.

You should not be too strict on yourself. Sometimes standards are a little bit violated. Therefore, you should not be too much limited to worry about making holes on either smaller or larger intervals on the product you are working on. Remember human is to error.

As you prepare to make the holes, you need to have spotted the area where you will punch to make a hole

Another consideration to take into account is the size of the punching device. As per the model that you plan to use, choose a suitable size of the punching device.

If uncertain about the size that fits you well, select the smaller and move on to making larger holes progressively.

Steps involved in the process of punching the product

After making sure that all your requirements are in place and you are through with your arrangements for the work, then you can now begin working on your leather product. Below are the steps to follow while making the hole on your leather product using a rotary leather hole punch.
  • First, you need your piece of leather placed firmly on the workplace with the zero marks of your steel rule to one end of the leather.
  • Use your pencil to make marks of the hole placement on the leather product
  • Remove your ruler and the leather product away from the working table. Regulate your rotary hole punch to suit the size of the desired holes. Place the rotary device above the marks where you need to drill the holes. Push the device handles against the fabric to make holes.
  • Place the fabric on the plywood and shape the holes on the fabric using a compass ensuring the hole sizes are correct.
  • Select a drive punch you prefer and amend the cutting end of the rotary punch to the holes you made on the fabric
  • Using a hammer to hit the rear part of the drive punch, you can now be able to achieve your desired hole size in your material. Reliant on the fabric's breadth working this might take some time.

Final Verdict

People love good things in general, things that are catchy and attractive. Neatly cut holes using a rotary hole punch is a no exception since it is the recipe of the right looking leather products.

Having gone through this article and comprehending the content inside, I have no doubt that as a leather artisan you can now correctly use a rotary leather hole punch to make the hole in your pieces of fabrics. This article, having been dedicated to serving the purpose, will help you master the critical leatherwork of making perfect holes. It is our great pleasure having your time.