Crossbow for Beginners

Summer season is the best season to pick your crossbow and head in the woods for hunting. If you haven't had an experience with a crossbow before, you might find it hard for the first time. Many people regard a crossbow as a gun, but the two are entirely different. In as much as a crossbow features a trigger, scope and a stock, it is not a gun. You can also check how crossbows were invented.
If you are planning for a deer hunting trip using your crossbow, you need to be conversant with your crossbow to get the best results. Even if you have the smallest crossbow, it can also be difficult to use. I made this guide to help you learn some tips and tricks on how to use a crossbow.

Cock Your Bow

You need to take some patience to learn how to cock your crossbow. Basically, you can cock your bow in two ways. They include manual cocking and crack-operated method. For manual cocking, you will notice that crossbows have a stirrup that is located at the front. You need to put your foot securely in the stirrup while you are standing and use both hands to pull the string back.

Crack coking is great for people who do not have upper body strength or have issues with fitness. For you to use the crank, you need you to engage it then turn the winch until you cock the bow.

Load the Bow

After cocking, the next thing that you need to do is to load the bow. In the barrel of the crossbow, place an arrow and align it in the channel of the barrel. This ensures that the arrow stays in place securely.


You need to aim correctly so that you can achieve accurate shots if you are using the crossbow for hunting crossbows feature a mount scope that helps you to aim. Sight in and prepare to make your shot. Before you shoot, ensure that there are no obstructions on your limbs that can bring about injuries. Another important thing that you should know is that you should not wrap the thumb around the forearm of the crossbow.

Make Your Shot

Once you have sighted your target, the next thing you need to do is to make your shot. Squeeze the trigger just like you do when using a rifle. When you are squeezing, you will hear a pop of the trigger release and your bow will fire your target.

Final Words

If you are not familiar with using crossbows, you need to understand some important crossbow shooting tips that will help you shoot accurately. Learning how to use a crossbow is a process that requires patience, but once you are conversant with it, everything is easy.

It is important to ensure that you set your scope correctly as you do in your rifle. Before you shoot, ensure that you have sighted the target well and you are ready to hit the bullseye. I believe you now have some essential tips that will help you use your crossbow the right way.