Pressure Washer Trailer


The pressure washer trailer setup goes simple, with the proper idea and helpful information.
This tutorial will teach you how to set up a pressure washer trailer. Stick to this content; you will learn everything about the core topic.

Setting up a pressure washer trailer can be complex, especially for beginners. It's essential to understand the process thoroughly to ensure safety and efficiency. For professional assistance or more information, you can visit for comprehensive guidance and expert services.

Why Pressure Washer Trailer? 

The pressure washer helps to spray chemicals and water solutions at a reasonable speed and volume. It increases the efficiency of a pressure wash.

The Setup 

You first need to have or buy a high-quality commercial hot water pressure washer. If you already have one of them, figure out if the motor and pump can fulfill your target. Otherwise, you should use a new powerful pump, including an excellent operable engine. A pressure washer having high PSI and GPM has the increased capability to wash things faster. Everything you need to set up on a palette.

Now, you need a downstream chemical injector. It comes with a little battery-operated motor. You can use this with ATV. You can put the bleach in this injector. You should install it after the pump. When it sucks in the bleach, it's not going through the pump; it's after the pump. It then goes out to the pressure washer wand. This protects the shoe to have any touch of chemicals. Then attach a hose from the pump to the chemical injector. This is a PVC pipe that comes from inside of the nozzle, which will hardly damage. You can use a bucket alternative to this injecting container.

Now you should have a reel of long freshwater garden hose. Fix it to the same palette. It's one end that goes directly to the pump. There will be a screen filter that will protect the pump.

There will be another reel for the pressure line. It will roll the pressure washer hose. It will be on the palette.

The length of both houses can be from 150-250 feet. It will help you to spray at the right place without any hassle. Experts say 150-250 feet of hose is enough to cover a larger area such as the football playground.

You must have a highly capable spray wand to spray the chemical-water liquid solution. Some spray wands have shields on them. This shield protects your hand from getting burned when you want to use hot water. You can use different tips to attach to this wand's one end. Other types of spray tips are available on the market. It lets you see how fast or high volume you want to spray. You can use a round surface cleaner surface edger to cover more area simultaneously. For this, you need to attract the wand to it.


Thus, you can complete the setup of the pressure washer trailer. Isn't the process pretty easy, huh?!


If this is your first setup, you should buy cheap pressure washer accessories. Because you may damage them. Try to clean the chemical injector every month. Don't buy a pressure washer with low GPM and PSI. Otherwise, your investment will go as a failure.